10 Best Pampered Pooch Cities (UK & USA)

One of the UK’s leading price comparison website, comparethemarket.com, recently conducted an interesting survey on cities and towns in both the UK & USA to find out where the most pampered pooches resided! They based their findings on the number of dog salons, dog training facilities, kennels, vets, and parks each city had; and then they ranked each location by the number of amenities per capita. They also discovered some great doggy training programmes available nationwide in both countries.

Flynn & Reed

🇬🇧 UK

Here are the top 5 locations in the UK:

LocationDog Salons TrainingKennelsVetsParks
1.Nottingham 147127311216

Out of 25 cities/towns surveyed, London came out at number 16 with a total of 30 dog salons, 173 dog training facilities, 341 kennels, 500 vets and 683 parks.

Flynn, Percy & Reed

Other doggy services found in the UK include sheepdog training in Somerset; Cani-Fit – jogging trails for you & your dog; in Newcastle, dogs are offered Hydrotherapy; in Kent, there is CSI Training – searching for suspects, helping with rescue missions etc. The survey found a large number of restaurants around the UK and London who pride themselves on being dog friendly.

Percy with his owner

🇺🇸 USA

Location Dog SalonTrainingKennelsVetsParks
1. Long Beach, CA25998544975471
2. Mesa, Arizona18654633761941
3. Atlanta,Georgia13947330366165
4. Sacramento,CA11447127243988
5.Seattle, WA15266339867396

Other doggy services found in the USA include Nose Workshops – teaching your dog how to sniff out different smells; Doga or Dog Yoga – extremely popular in the New York City area.

American dogs are very sporty. Dog Diving Championships are held in Florida; Flyball – where 2 teams of dogs race against each other in a relay and are judged on how quickly tennis balls can be retrieved – Tournaments are held all over the USA with the league HQ based in Las Vegas ; and finally, Disc – a sport similar to frisbee that tests the agility, speed & accuracy of both dogs and owners – apparently this sport is highly competitive!


So, now you know! Is your dog a pampered pooch living in one of the Pooch privileged places?

Linda x

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Photo Credits: Pinterest photo has been published with kind permission of comparethemarket.com. The other photos are by Margaret Hobden. Dogs featured: Flynn, Reed & Percy.

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