5 Beauty Products For A Summer Glow

Summer is well and truly here …the sun is shining and temperatures are hovering around the 30 degree centigrade mark (late 80s Fahrenheit) – my make up is dripping off my face through perspiration … in fact it isn’t because I have found some great beauty products that give out a great summer glow.  Oh yes, you can go “au naturel” in summer but there are a couple of things that I’ve discovered now that I have reached the ripe old age of 50 +.

The main thing is that my skin is very dry, I am prone to eczema especially around my eyes, and although I was acne free as a teenager I have an occasional spot or two cropping up when I least expect it.  My skin is fair and in the sun I go red before turning a pale golden tan colour.  In winter, my Leichner moisturiser with a hint of colour is a brilliant cover up but in summer I find foundation too heavy. In summer, if I do wear make up, especially for evenings out, having no foundation base I find that the make up just slides off or goes patchy – I have found an illuminator/primer that is just perfect. Over the last two summers, I have found some products that really do work and I’m going to share my summer saviours with you.

1.  Garnier Moisturiser.  Actually, any moisturiser is a must.  I happen to go a bundle on Garnier Moisture Plus – this tube featured in the picture is actually for normal/combination/dull skin and I personally prefer this one than the equivalent moisturiser for dry skin.  It is a lighter lotion that illuminates and really gives my skin the “drink” it needs, as well as having a sun factor of SPF20.

2. Avon Glow Illuminator.  I have lost count of the number of different primers I have tried over the years, most have been “OK” but not great.  This summer I have “fallen in love” with Avon’s latest make up range, Glow, and especially its primer/illuminator.  First thing, this primer isn’t clear and it is  a cream rather than a gel base. It has a light brown/gold tint to it that blends to your natural colour (whatever shade that may be) once applied to your skin.

The beauty of the illuminator is that you could just use it as a highlighter (think contouring) or apply it all over your face as a primer under foundation or apply it all over your face as an extra moisturiser.

3. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Fabulous Elixir Self Tanning.  If you like the idea of a tanned face on holiday but you end up like me, with a face red like a beetroot, then why not invest in this elixir.  It says on the bottle that it is for face and body – but I haven’t used it on my body so I cannot vouch for that.  The idea is that you apply the elixir onto your face when moisturising for a few days in a row then you’ll get a gradual tanned face that lasts for at least 2 weeks and the colour intensity depends on how often you use it.  The pros to this is that when you are on holiday, the self tan wears off and not washes off, however many times you jump in the pool; no streaks; no “self tanning” smell.

4. Rimmel Sun Shimmer.   Similar idea to the L’Oreal’s Elixir but this is a “wash off” formula.  I find the sun shimmer great for those days where you’ve got a patch of red sunburn on your shoulders or a red face. It acts like a soothing after sun cream; instant colour so you can see where you are applying it to; leaves your angry red patches looking more bronzed – although  beware of white clothes/sheets/towels, it does rub off – hence I generally use it on my face or bare shoulders if I’m wearing an off the shoulder or strapless outfit.

5. Avon Skin So Soft Enhance & Glow 7 in 1 Body Lotion.  This is a body lotion that you can apply to your legs and depending on how often you apply the lotion, you get a gradual tan developing. This body lotion colour does come off in the bath/ shower/pool. However, this is a lovely body lotion in its own right for lovely soft legs; the colour doesn’t come off onto clothes/sheets; and to just take the tinge off of milk bottle white legs until your legs get used to the open air, this lotion is a godsend.

All the above products are purchases that I have made over the past few months and that I have enjoyed using – none are samples, gifts etc. Have you discovered any beauty products that have piqued your interest this summer? Do share – I’d love to know!

Linda x

All photos by Linda Hobden (apart from my pic which was taken by my son Jack)

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22 thoughts on “5 Beauty Products For A Summer Glow”

    1. Most definitely Carol, these products allow you to have that summer glow without subjecting yourself to the sun.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Joanne – I haven’t come across Palmers so I’ll look out for it 🙂 Smelling like chocolate biscuits sounds delightful!

  1. I use the Garnier moisturiser on my face too, and year round for the SPF 20 as the winter sun here can be sharp. I use Avon SkinSoSoft on the rest of me – it is a great mosquito repellent!

  2. Would you use a primer AND a tinted moisturizer? Heh I asked a gal at Ulta the other day, but she couldn’t/wouldn’t really answer me… I have a tinted moisturizer from Bare Minerals but the Avon product intrigues me.

    1. I use both Amber. I put the moisturiser on first, then the Avon glow illuminator as a primer. Then if I’m going out in the evening, or at a special do, I add my Leichner Hint of Beige moisturiser/foundation.

    1. Skin cancer is always a worry, and these products offer a way to look sun kissed without being directly exposed to the sun. Added bonus too is that they keep the skin hydrated. 😊

  3. Oh, thank you for reminding me of Avon! I love Avon products, the perfume Far away is one of my favs, well it used to be. Avon is not that popular here on the islands, so that was sooo out of mind. I will need to find out who is still around here selling it. I am always a bit terrified by instant tan lotions and self-tanners, too many embarrassing accidents with experimenting. But I know, the formulas nowadays are much better than they were last time I tried to look sunkissed 😉

    1. Avon are online now too – if you are unable to find a rep 😊 I think they still do Far Away perfume. The Glow illuminator is so subtle and blends more with your natural skin tone.

  4. Every time that I’ve tried self tanner, I managed to look stripey 🙂

    This post makes me want to try again with one of these products.

    1. I have tried self tanner in the past and I have gone stripy too. The beauty of the Avon body lotion one is that it is a gradual tan and it gets darker every time you apply it so you can, in theory, avoid being streaky. Pay attention to knees, elbows & ankles as they can get patchy – like with any self tanner – but you can reduce the patchiness by applying normal body lotion to keep those areas as smooth as possible.

  5. Due to excessive heat in the skin, the skin has to be handled very carefully. You have given important information above the skin in the post. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

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