5 Fashion & Beauty Camping Case Essentials For The Newbie

Happy New Year!  Have you made any New Year Resolutions?  More importantly, are you sticking to them?! According to the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2018, everybody should put “Spend 24 Hours Outdoors” on their New Year Resolutions list.  Various researches from organisations such as The Camping and Caravanning Club and the World Health Organisation have revealed that camping is generally good for your your mental health; it makes people feel happier; it’s a great social leveller; it’s a great way to make new friends (especially for children); and children are more than likely to encounter new experiences eg kite flying, tree climbing, den making and cooking on a campfire.

Location, location, location …. there are many different types of campsites in the UK from the glamping spots; the really deserted one tent in a field spots; adapted farms that have become campsites in idyllic locations, with modern shower blocks & facilities such as a pool, shop, restaurant, launderette, bar;  and some which are part of a holiday village with full entertainment & other amenities. 


So, your children have persuaded you to buy a tent and book a camping holiday … put the tent up beforehand to practise and to check that it is in fact waterproof … (we’ve had to buy a new tent day 2 into our 14 day camping holiday when a torrential downpour overnight left our old tent uninhabitable!  Thank goodness our site had a launderette and I was able to use the dryers to dry our damp clothes & bedding!)

And here’s some tips to help you pack those all important fashion & beauty essentials:

1. FOOTWEAR.  Hiking/Walking Boots. To wear all the time when you are not in the tent.  I use my motorbike boots.  Camping fields can get extremely muddy, especially if it rains.  Make sure the boots are comfortable, sturdy & waterproof. For tent wear: slip on trainers, ballet shoes or flip flops. 

2.  ONESIE.  I’m cringing as I type this.  I rarely feel the cold but I must say, that even in  August, it was cold and damp at night in the tent.  I did wrap up under a  duvet but I couldn’t help but think that wearing a onesie would have been preferable at that moment in time.  I did visit a local store looking for a onesie but being August, and it was warm during the day, the shelves were full of swimming costumes not fleeces.

3. MAKE UP/BEAUTY PRODUCTS.  Being outdoors gives you a healthy glow.  Being on a campsite means that the shower facilities/lighting/mirrors are not really ideal to perform your normal make up and skincare morning and evening routines.  I would suggest packing shower gel, 2 in 1 shampoo, moisturiser, BB cream (to replace primer, toner & foundation), waterproof mascara, lip gloss and eye make up remover pads.

4. COMPACT MIRROR.  At night you should really take off make up but when camping, it is rather off putting to go to a dimly lit shower block armed with your torch to help you navigate your way.  Having a compact mirror means that you can take your make up off in your tent ( and apply your morning make up after your shower in privacy, if you wish).  I used my mirror to make sure I didn’t have too bad bed head hair in the morning as I travelled across the field to the shower block!

5. HAIR PRODUCTS.  Your brush. Ditch the straighteners, hairdryer, tongs, hairspray … go for the tousled look instead. 

With those essentials packed, you are ready to fully embrace the outdoor life with your family – we walked for miles, went shell collecting on the beach, visited the local swannery, did some kite flying, rope swinging… 

Are you going to add “24 Hours Outdoors” to your list this year? Are you a camping guru… or newbie?  Any camping stories you can share? Do tell …

Linda x

The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018 takes place at Birmingham’s NEC from 20 to 25 February.  Prices are from £7 for adults; children under 15 go free. Tickets are on sale now – for more details check their website: www.ccmshow.co.uk

All photos are by Linda Hobden.

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12 thoughts on “5 Fashion & Beauty Camping Case Essentials For The Newbie”

  1. I think if I had tested my tent in torrential rain/wind before I went like you suggested I would have enjoyed my camping trip more. Because I would have stayed home! Haha! But I did enjoy time around the campfire, and fun with friends. It is terrific to be outside and the goal of staying out 24 hours at least once/year is a good one. I do stick to camping sites with bathrooms and some amenities, though. And I leave my make up home to show I can rough it. 😉

    1. We had to abandon our tent on the 2nd day because of torrential rain and rather than go home as we had 12 days left of our holiday, we bought a new tent. So it wasn’t the “cheap” holiday we had anticipated! We did leave 2 days earlier than we had intended in the end as the weather forecast was horrendous so we decided to go home instead! I’m so pleased the site had large dryers as the damp seeped everywhere.:) Oh…bathrooms are a must …:)

    1. Ha,ha! Yes, I am not a fan of the onesie but after feeling cold and slightly damp under canvas I can appreciate the wisdom of wearing a onesie when camping. Apart from camping, I can’t think of any other reason to wear one! 😛

    1. I don’t usually bother with make up (apart from mascara & lip balm/gloss) when camping but I got eczema around my eyes (pollen related) when I last went camping so had to moisturise my face well and BB Cream evened out the unsightly patches …!

    1. Oh yes Herlina, toilet facilities are a must! At night though, for emergencies, we used a portable toilet in the tent (a glorified bucket with a lid):)

  2. I will have to say that I am a priss, I refuse to use makeshift toilets. So, I am not sure that I will ever go camping, maybe glamping (whatever that is). I am always too worried about the ick factor and bugs crawling on me. But you have some great tips for if I am ever that brave.

    1. The bathrooms on site at the place in Dorset were, to be fair, top notch. They had a shower block and full size baths in rooms with underfloor heating. They had loos with a view. However, other sites are not so nice. We had no bug problems – I think glamping would suit you better than wild camping – glamping is camping with mod cons and tents on bases so you are not on the ground.

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