5 Hosiery Styles To Brighten Up Winter

Winter. Time to dig out your jeans/leggings, socks & boots. Apart from when you want to wear that knitted dress or skirt, that is.  Then you can have a field day with the opaque tights on offer – every colour under the rainbow, from 60 denier to 600 denier; even polar fleeced opaques.  Sometimes, I get bored of plain opaques.  So here are 5 of my favourite hosiery styles that I enjoy wearing to brighten my winter days. Are your favourites here?

1. Wool Tights.

Wool tights are warm.  I currently have a love of wool tights in colours of grey and navy – from check pattern to cable and rib.  Wool tights look really good with knitted dresses and denim skirts.  I have picked up some really nice wool tights from NEXT – my tip is to pick up a few pairs during their seasonal sales – they are often half price.

2. Glittery Tights.

I picked up a pair of navy glitter tights from NEXT .. but other brands such as Golden Lady have glitter tights too.  Great for wearing at parties – especially with velvet/velveteen dresses/skirts.  Also great for wearing under ripped jeans.

3.  Lace and Fishnet.

Yay. The styles of the 70s and 80s are big news at the moment and that has filtered down into the hosiery department too.  Fishnets and lace tights are great for “after eight” social dates and parties.  Lacy tights can be worn during the day too – go on, be brave! 🙂


4.  Patterned Tights.

Patterned tights can be subtle or loud.  For loudness, Golden Lady has some black and white polka dot tights which really are not for the faint hearted. Me?  I have already mentioned that I’m going through a phase of loving tights in navy blue, so it would come as no surprise to you that I love my navy patterned tights.  Fashion rules used to dictate not to wear navy with black, but I like to rebel against that rule and often wear my navy patterned tights with my black work skirt.

5.  Tartan/Plaid Tights.

Always on trend whether you are in Scotland or not – tartan tights can look great.  Not the most subtle of hosiery – in the photo below I’ve paired my red tartan tights with a black dress and my punky black boots for a party look.  For non-brave days, they can be worn under ripped jeans.  I have a teal tartan pair too.  I got my tights from Essex’ee Legs – available in bright red & teal.


I hope the tights have given you some inspiration to brighten up winter.  Do you stick to the same black/nude, sheer/opaque mode?  Do you have any “loud and proud” hosiery? Do tell!

Linda x

All photographs are by Linda Hobden, apart from the first photo & the last tartan photo which is of me by Adam Hobden.

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19 thoughts on “5 Hosiery Styles To Brighten Up Winter”

    1. I like my denim jeggings rather than leggings I must admit. When working I have to wear black blouse & skirt/trousers. I am not keen on trousers other than jeans so I opt for a skirt. I get bored sometimes wearing plain opaques or skintone tights so the patterned styles cheer up a bland work uniform. 🙂

  1. I so need to be more experimental with tights!! Love the designs you’ve shared – I’m inspired to include searching for interesting tights on my next shopping trip!

    1. There are so many tights on offer at the moment – have a look in your local supermarket/pharmacies too as some stores have patterned tights on display as well as the bog standard styles – as well as the usual high street stores and online. Happy shopping! 🙂

  2. I love those tartan hose and think they look adorable under the ripped jeans. I saw someone in Maine wearing ripped jeans this week revealing a lot of frozen looking flesh – these tights would have made them look cute and warm. I am not much on hose that have feet but go more for the footless leggings. And yes, the patterns are fun and can perk up any outfit!

    1. I do like ripped jeans but I always felt that wearing them without tights underneath was not very flattering. Wearing hosiery underneath those jeans, especially some that are bright or sparkly or even fishnets – makes such a difference. The bonus, of course, as you’ve already mentioned, is that they keep your legs warm. 🙂

  3. You’ll find me in fleece in the winter. Fleece pants, fleece leggings. I even once owned a long fleece skirt that I paired with a cute fleece jacket for work.

    1. Thankfully where I live it doesn’t get that cold – it snowed for a day this winter for the first time since 2012! If fleece is your thing, check out Golden Lady’s Polar Fleece tights 🙂

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