A Night At The Museum

It was a cold but clear night. Travelling from the wilds of the Essex salt marshes to the heartland of England’s shoe industry – Northampton – went myself and my husband, on Friday 23rd November 2012.  Our destination was the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery home to the world famous shoe collection – the second largest shoe collection in the world (the largest being in Ottawa, Canada), no less.

We had been invited to the Press and Celebrity Private Evening Viewing of the fabulous collection of Milly J Shoes and I had been looking forward to this evening for weeks!  Milly couldn’t have picked a better place to launch her exhibition – Northampton Museum is “Heaven on Earth” for shoe lovers and I fell head over heels in love with the place as soon as I stepped over the threshold. As well as shoes, the museum also has a prestigious collection of Italian and British artworks, including work by John Collier and David Hockney.  But let’s get back to shoes….as I was saying, the ground floor of the museum looks at shoe fashions, shoemaking and the significance of shoes and in the comfortable Shoe Lounge, currently exhibiting until 6 January 2013, is the fantastic artwork shoe creations of the delightful and unique Milly J.

Milly J Shoes – one-off art to wear shoes and shoe sculptures are unique and the work and creativity that goes into each and every item needs to be seen in the flesh, photographs cannot do them justice. I found myself looking at each and every shoe with awe and wonder – I have seen them before in photos on Milly’s website – but up close…well, the details blew me away!! The shoes are works of art, no doubt about that, but wearable too …and ever since Jodie Marsh stepped onto the This Morning’s set in her “teapot” shoes designed by Milly J …other celebrities and non celebrities have been clamouring to own their own unique pair and be part of the Milly J Shoe  Envy Club.

So, which were my favourites?  I loved the Red & Black Vampire Diaries court shoes that matched the dress I was wearing that night…but they are owned by a lovely lady called Emma, who won’t part with them (understandably!) I also had a crush on the green lace up army boots …little army figures climbed up the heel and around the shoe …they would look fab with my jeans although my husband did point out that one trip and the little man at the front would probably come to a sad end!

 My husband Adam loved the boots made for TV personality and MMA Announcer Bret “Hollywood” Freeman …they started life as a pair of Jeffery West white boots and with a little magic from Milly they have been transformed into boots full of skulls! Designer Guy West (Jeffery -West) also admired the transformation! (Jeffery – West are also exhibiting their 25th Anniversary exhibition in the adjoining room until 9 February 2013 – to the delight of my Adam and Bret who had a quick mooch around that exhibition too!)

Bret “Hollywood” Freeman opened the proceedings with a toast to Milly J and her achievements in just less than a year.Milly J presented to the museum a special exhibit called the Tap Shoe – this was a shoe in a black/white check (reminiscent of traditional bathroom tiling) with a tap and plug on it….hard to describe but it is a fab piece of artwork….


Milly J is certainly a talented lady …apart from wowing us all with her creative shoe artworks, she is a lovely chatty and friendly lady with a proud, supportive and equally lovely fiancé Mark, and her main forte is actually being an actress and classically trained singer …and she blew me away with her fantastic rendition of In The Summertime ...it was just a fantastic evening and the fabulous cupcakes with edible shoes on them also deserve a mention … these were provided by Cuppies ‘n’ Cream …delicious Natalie, thank you.

So, here are some of the gorgeous Milly J Shoes creations…made with lots of love…

Wedding boots with a difference…and the Birdcage…

Liquorice All sorts …Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe..

For photograph enthusiasts…these were another favourite of mine…

Oranges…ideal if you’re feeling fruity…

At the Cafe – look at the detail – menu board, tablecloth, crockery…

Rubik’s Cube…

Secret Garden…

Another pretty one…ladybirds and roses…another favourite contender..



Dotty Tea Pots..






These have removable candles on the front with faux flames …










And now I’m pleased to welcome to the blog the unique lady that is Milly J. Hi Milly, I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your creations close up… so please introduce yourself ..

I am Milly J, aka Emily J, the shoe artist

Your shoe designs are amazing! Where do you get your ideas from?

My inspiration comes entirely from my belief in what is possible. I do not hinder myself and I am not scared to take a risk and surprise myself. I am from a theatrical background and this has put me in good stead to truly go out with an idea and see it to the end process. My skills in communication, my love of surrealism, my upbringings abroad, culture, society, anthropology and food. Though what really inspires me are the people that come to me. By talking to them and building a rapport of what makes them tick is very important. By having a hook in any form of work, your work will breath life.
In your opinion, what has been your wackiest design?
To be honest, to me I know that those that perhaps are more “middle” of the road would see my designs as “whacky”, though it’s when you read the titles and start to understand the meanings behind the shoes, they make complete sense. Though in terms of un-conventionalism, I’d have to say, the Mad Hatter’s teapot. Not just due to the actual design, but also due to the whole psychology of the Mad Hatter Character. A totally bonkers entity that sees elements where perhaps elements are not apparent. I took this mentality and tried to create this through a shoe.
Have you got a favourite out of all the shoes you’ve designed?
Yes, the Guardian Angel Shoe. This shoe was created almost straight after the passing of my brother. It is a shoe that is steeped in sensitivity,  based on “real” situation that is so very dear to me. A shoe that speaks of taking flight and letting what will be rest.
What do you like best about being a shoe designer?
The uninhibited nature of being an artist is so very liberating. Be able to realise that art is simply what works. Being able to create for not just yourself, but others too. The non selfish aspect of designing is so very special too, sharing your work with the world.
Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing  ?
I am at heart not someone who is hindered by what the market perhaps may subtly tell us to wear.Like my work, I like to be free in the notion that there are so many possibilities for me to fit in to. So it could Boho, Rockabilly, preppy… what ever works for me.
Do you have any favourite shops or online sites ?
I love etsy. As it’s an avenue where you can really enjoy hand made creations that are created by fellow artists and designers, from the heart. None of that manufactured, processed malarky!
What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?
I want to own a really nice Boho coat. I already have one, but another wouldn’t hurt! The type you can find in Camden. With silks and embroidery that speaks of craftmanship and skill.
Boots or Shoes?
Any works for me :-). I after all am a shoe person full stop. I love demonia boots to look at but I also love a dainty shoe to ponder over.
Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook etc
Thanks Milly …it was lovely to meet you …and don’t forget if you are in Northampton pop in to that gem that is the Northampton Museum and be mesmerised, as I was!!! In the meantime, check out her website and have a look at all the other creative works not shown here…Milly J surprises me daily with new creations!!! 
Linda x
Photo Credits: Adam Hobden Photography; Linda Hobden



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40 thoughts on “A Night At The Museum”

  1. I was loving the shoes then I saw the cupcakes and got distracted…then back to the shoes.
    Amazing shoeart and cool post!
    Popped over for #MidLifeLuv (hi Elena!) and happy I did! 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post – the cupcakes were delicious, Emily is a lovely lady, the shoes were awesome, the company was fab and the museum was out of this world! It was certainly a night to remember! Sending back lots of #midlifeluv

  2. I am so glad you linked this to my linky #MidLifeLuv. I got the chance to re-visit it. The shoes are so magnificent! This museum will definitely on my list of places to visit when I get back to the UK.

    1. It was a pleasure Elena to link to #midlifeluv. I’m hoping to revisit very soon. Check out Milly J Shoes website – she’s added more spectacular shoes to her collection!

    1. And what an introduction Molly! Milly J Shoes are definitely the best I’ve ever seen – wearable too!! Thanks for dropping by – #MidLifeLuv rocks! 😊

  3. Thanks for linking up with From The Archives Friday! This post has been chosen as one of our weekly featured favorites. Please stop by one of the hosts blogs and play with us again this weekend and don’t forget to grab your featured favorites button!

    1. It was certainly a fab night to remember, Caroline – I met some lovely people who are now friends; and those cakes were heavenly yummy! 😊

  4. Ahhhhh….this post reminded me of my visit to Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada a few years ago. You want to talk about shoes…. Doll shoes, Indian shoes, Oriental shoes, pop culture shoes, Eskimo boots…the list goes on. I didn’t think it would be all that exciting, but worth a stop if you’re in the area.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post Denise – it was a lovely event and Millie J shoes are still going strong producing fabulous creations!

  5. Every shoe unique – totally different from the others – what an imagination this designer must have! I wish I lived in a world or age where I could wear a different pair every day.

    1. The shoes must be seen to be believed and Emily has done some other amazing designs since the interview too. Emily appeared on the UK TV programme The Voice and presented one of the then judges, Kylie Minogue, with a pair of her designs. Emily was wearing her own creations on stage too.

      A world where you could wear a different pair every day … ummm… trouble is, I wear my favourites to death… they literally fall apart before I part with them … and yet I have others that I have bought on a whim and still are sitting in the box waiting to see the light of day … 😳

  6. I swear you are one of the most interesting people in the world with all your fashionista contacts. Pretty cool the hubs plays along also :).

    1. Thanks Gary 😊 My hubby is a rather dapper guy and loves his colourful shirts and Jeffery West shoes 😊 He came along to the museum primarily as my “photographer” & “chauffeur” – but the evening turned out better than we had hoped and we both thoroughly had a good time.

    1. Chocolate & shoes always go down very well with me (along with a bottle of wine!). My husband bought me a chocolate shoe one year for my birthday – it was so beautifully carved it seemed a shame to eat it – but I didn’t hesitate too long though! 😉 Funnily enough Millie J actually made chocolate shoes for Kylie Minogue and presented them to Kylie live on the TV show The Voice UK when Kylie was a judge and Millie a contestant. Millie sang her rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, but alas she wasn’t picked to go further in the contest.

    1. My husband did virtually drag me out of there!! 🙂 However, my husband did admit he found it more interesting than he thought. I just wished I lived closer to the museum or the museum was located closer to me – I can imagine me popping in there every day if that was the case! 🙂

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