An Interview With Distinctive Silver

‘Tis nearly the time when talk will be of Christmas parties and presents – so what can be more appropriate than now to look at this season’s range of jewellery – as a gift or to accessorise with that stunning Little Black Dress you’ve got your eye on for the annual office shindig.  Bang on trend this winter is silver – whether you wish to be understated and elegant or you want to stand out from the crowd in something bold –  adding an unique statement to any outfit. Silver is my metal colour of choice too, so I am really chuffed to welcome onto the blog today Simon, co – owner of the trendy jewellery company Distinctive Silver…. hi Simon!image

Hello, I am Simon the founder and co owner of, I recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in chemistry. I have now started my website up as I wish to follow in my father’s footsteps by entering the jewellery industry and continuing the family business.

What was the inspiration behind setting up Distinctive Silver?

I was inspired to set up Distinctive Silver because whilst working in jewellery over the last year I noticed a lack of websites selling unique pieces of sterling silver jewellery. I intend to offer the public pieces that will make them stand out from the crowd and won’t be found in high street shops.

imageWhen choosing designs/styles for your range of silver jewellery, do you go by popular styles, customer requests, fashion trends, your own tastes/needs or bits of all those?

I try to go for designs that I believe will allow the product to do the talking rather than a label. I personally like bigger statement jewellery, like our Increasing Ball Necklace and Ball Statement Bracelet, however smaller and simpler items like our Pull Tight Love Heart Bracelet have been very popular since our launch.

I love the Knot Pendant & Chain and the Pearl Pendant & Chain from your current website. To date, what has been your most popular item/style ordered from your website?

We have 3 or 4 very popular items, the Hoop too Hoop Necklace is very popular as well as the Knot Pendant and the Pull Tight Love Heart Bracelet. The Triple Hoop Bracelet is also very popular and makes a good companion for the Hoop too Hoop Necklace. The Pearl Pendant is a new piece and comes from a childhood family friends business that I used to live next door too. So to do business with them feels right and is a pleasure. I’m hoping to get more similar items and look forward to working with them in the future.

imageYou have a client base that includes some of the hottest A-list celebrities as well as notable sports and business professionals. Hypothetically speaking, who would be your ideal “face” of Distinctive Silver? Who would make you feel really chuffed to be seen & photographed wearing your products?

Any celebrity wearing our items is a good sign for the business, I am more focused on ensuring that anyone wearing a product from Distinctive Silver is a happy customer. The ideal face for Distinctive Silver would be someone like Holly Willoughby; she has a great eye for fashion and is always seen wearing attractive pieces of jewellery. We are about to bring our latest product to our website which is a Sterling Silver Coin Pendant, which she has been seen wearing (although in gold) on this morning. Holly has also been photographed wearing a similar item to our Black Simplicity Necklace which is available now to order from our website.

imageI love silver and I personally prefer wearing silver earrings, for example, rather than gold. Silver tends to match whatever you’re wearing. I also love the fact that your products are quality only sterling silver, beautifully boxed, guaranteed for a year, and you offer free delivery in the UK! Do you ship overseas at all? If not, do you hope to expand overseas in the future?

We do ship overseas and depending on the size of the order we may be able to arrange free shipping. All of our products come in boxes and if necessary can come gift wrapped.

What is the difference between sterling silver and fine silver? Why do you prefer to concentrate on Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is given the hallmark 925 due to its 92.5% purity, this is because sterling silver contains around 7.5% copper, where as fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. The 7.5% of copper makes it a slightly harder metal which is why I prefer to use sterling silver as it more durable for bracelets and necklaces which may take the odd knock.

imageHave you any plans to extend your range eg introducing mens’ jewellery?

I do plan on a men’s range as well as adding new products to the collections we already have. Hopefully the men’s range should be on the website by the New Year featuring lots of sterling silver necklaces from thinner and lighter chains to heavier belcher chains much like the chains featured in the layered three chains.

Have you ever been asked to design a piece of silver jewellery that was totally unusual or had any strange jewellery requests that you can tell us about?

Working alongside our sister company SB Jewellery we are always designing bespoke pieces of jewellery. This is their speciality and has been for the last 30 years. Therefore we are able to make any piece that a customer may want.

imagePersonal now – do you wear jewellery yourself? Dare I ask, but do you just wear silver or are you partial to other metals too?!

I wear a simple sterling silver curb chain and a bicolour (stainless steel and gold) watch. I used to wear gold but lately I have been more interested in silver.

What outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

Normally I would be seen in some canvas shoes a nice pair of chinos/jeans and a shirt. I love the smart casual look as its comfortable and looks good.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

My favourite place for online shopping is Asos and my favourite retail shop is Hugo Boss and Topman.

imageWhat’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

I have been eyeing up a pair of limited edition Nike Air Max for the casual look and a nice Ted Baker winter coat.

Boots or Shoes?

Always shoes for me! I think they look nicer and better with the trousers I wear.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook etc so that readers can find out more about Distinctive Silver
Fb, twitter, distinctive silver etc​

imageThanks for chatting with us Simon and I simply love the collection!  What jewellery piece appeals to you this season?  I’d love to know…

Linda x

All photos have been published with kind permission from Distinctive Silver.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the article, Herbert. Silver is extremely popular at the moment for both men and women. I hope you enjoy the other interviews and articles I have written too. You may be interested in my Metallica The Trend blogpost (Jan 2013) featuring at the end an interview with Alex from Seventh Circle Artworks, who concentrates on making jewellery with a rock edge mostly masculine look – very talented man.

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