An Interview With Pretty Be Online

Online meets beauty this week as I chat with qualified nail technician Julie Allseybrook, brainchild of the innovative online promotional tool for professionals in the hair, beauty and well-being industries – PrettyBeOnline. Great news for customers too as many services are listed to satisfy all your beauty needs.  Let us welcome Julie onto the blog to reveal more …Hi Julie!image

Hi there, I’m Julie Allseybrook the founder of Pretty Be Online, I’m 39 years old and have a little boy who’s 5.

What was the inspiration behind Pretty Be Online?

The inspiration came from when I qualified as a nail technician and I was looking for a cost-effective place to advertise my business online. It seemed that everywhere I looked the available platforms weren’t particularly user-friendly and the popular ones seemed to charge an arm and a leg for using their facilities. They weren’t particularly nice to look at either so I started to do a bit more research into how I could solve the problem of pricing and make it more appealing for customers to browse through. It also struck me that while I was searching for what’s available, there wasn’t anywhere where everything was under one roof for the Beauty, Wellbeing & Fitness Industries so I wanted to combine that too.


There are a few beauty websites and apps that combine services, so what makes Pretty Be Online so appealing to businesses and to customers?

Pretty Be Online works in a completely different way to what’s available at the moment, making it particularly easy for customers to do a quick price check and distance finder from the businesses advertising on there. When looking at a particular advert, it also brings up all the other adverts that business has listed, making it very easy to see what else is available instead of trawling through the static profiles like on other platforms. From a business point of view, as well as a business profile, we allow unlimited adverts in any categories that they deem suitable to include special offers & gift vouchers. We charge a one-off fee of £20 a month so have no hidden commission fees which usually end up costing small businesses. Their profile is also 100% in their control meaning they can remove or archive adverts as they please, re-activate them when they choose. There is a free app available too so they can manage their account on the go just as they would at a desktop. We provide links to websites, email and social media platforms and have an optional booking request form which can be activated should they wish which doesn’t tie them into an online booking system but offers a little bit extra. We also have a keyword facility in the adverts which allow businesses to put in what they feel is suitable which in turn helps to increase the SEO.
Another thing that Pretty Be prides itself on is that we don’t allow free listings on there. We are here to bring the standards back up in these particular industries and feel like if we offered free listings, it would have under qualified businesses on there. I’ve seen it all too often where profiles have selfies as business logos and if you are serious about your business, you wouldn’t want to be listed next to those. We treat all businesses the same who choose to advertise with us which means no premium listings to push them out of the way, it’s worked purely on postcode.
As we cover lots of services that fall under the umbrella of the Beauty, Wellbeing & Fitness industries, we find that customers will have a browse through the different categories. This means that they usually end up looking at treatments/services they weren’t originally looking for meaning more exposure for businesses.


What type of treatments seem to be most popular currently amongst advertisers?

Popular listings include Reiki, Training Courses and Holistic Treatments. Popularity is also rising for Coaches who offer things such as NLP.

You are a qualified nail technician and yet Pretty Be Online the website and your social media presence must take up a lot of your time. What job “hat” do you personally enjoy doing the most?

I’d have to say all aspects of Pretty Be Online, I just love it when I get positive feedback as it makes me feel like I am fighting the corner for small and medium-sized businesses.

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I’m a sucker for jeans, I seem to live in them. I try to keep myself smart/casual so would pair these with a nice top and shoes or boots.


When you get a chance to be pampered, what treatments do you like to indulge in? Any new treatments you haven’t experienced yet but would like to try?

I like to have facials or a massage. There are loads of new treatments I’d like to try – microdermabrasion and a vampire facial to name a couple.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites ?

Not really, if I see anything I like, I’ll buy it regardless. I do love ASOS though purely for the catwalk facility on all their clothes. I think that’s brill!

What’s next on your clothes/shoe/ bag wish list?

I want to get myself a nice designer handbag like a classic Mulberry or something.

Boots or Shoes? 

I prefer boots as there are so many nice ones available. I do like shoes but mainly heels which I’m not very good at wearing anymore so I stick to wedges.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers can find out more about Pretty Be Online

You can find more information about PB Online at or via our fb page or twitter

Thank you Julie, and what a fantastic idea!  Ummm…vampire facial.. that leaves an interesting vision in my mind! Dear readers, do you like being pampered? What service do you enjoy and what would you like to try? Do tell! 

Linda x

Photo Credits: Photos of Julie & the logo were published with kind permission of Julie Allseybrook.  Other photos: Linda Hobden.

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4 thoughts on “An Interview With Pretty Be Online”

  1. I’ve had a couple of mani/pedis in my life and they were quite enjoyable. I’ve also had a couple of deep tissue massages that made me feel great!

    I’ve never had a facial, but you’ve really got me intrigued to find out what a “vampire facial” entails! I’m quite pale, so that could very well be up my alley!

    ~Tui, aka @TuiSnider dropping by via #TuesdayShares on Twitter

    1. I was interested to find out what a vampire facial is too – it involves extracting a couple of dessertspoonfuls of a patient’s blood from their arm; spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma(fluid bit) from the red & white blood cells. The concentrated plasma is then injected into the face, sometimes with dermal fillers, to plump up problem areas, such as the undereye area. Erm … I think I’ll stick to my undereye cream! Let me know what it’s like if you have a go!

  2. Kim Kardashian had a vampire facial and the procedure was stomach churning , not a facial that I would want to try out although the benefits are apparently vast . I love your interviews I think you utilize them well and the questions and answers are very interesting .

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