An Interview With Sabine Timmer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that French women are the epitome of elegance and flair when it comes to their wardrobes.  So it gives me great pleasure to welcome onto the blog, Sabine Timmer, a young designer based in Lyon, who is passionate about materials, colour and patterns.  Her first collection was launched Autumn/Winter 2015 and I caught up with Sabine to find out how she has enjoyed her first year as designer and what her future plans are…. Hi Sabine!


Hi! My name is Sabine Timmer, I’m 25 and I’m a young fashion designer currently living in France. I studied fashion industry at school and it has definitely helped me to find my professional path. My brand was launched in September 2015, same time as my first collection.

What or who inspired you to become a fashion designer?

My whole environment has been an inspiration: my life, travels, and all the trials of life. I also admire Paco Rabanne, especially for his ability to shape rigid materials.


Have you always had a passion for fashion, or did you have other career aspirations when you were younger?

Yes, at first, I also had another career path in mind – I wanted to study interior decoration. However, I believe I’ve always been much more passionate about fashion, but never quite admitted to myself for a long time. I guess I’ve suppressed this desire for so long because I thought it was a world that was too complicated and hostile.

Your first collection was launched in Autumn/Winter 2015; yourSpring/Summer 2016 collection was entitled Black & White. What items are proving popular amongst your customers?

The black silk skirt, with “signé Rétro” cashmere patterns, is the one item that everyone loves. The white skirt with box pleats is also a real success.


Out of all the outfits in your collection, do you have any favourites?

Of course I have a favourite one… It’s actually the white skirt with box pleats ! I love how it looks in terms of volume and the fabric’s relief.

What was the inspiration behind your “Black & White” collection? If you could travel to any place in the world for inspiration for a new collection, where would you go & why?

I wanted to create a chic and timeless collection, with a bit of the nonchalance typical to Londoners’ style. There isn’t really a top destination for me. I think every country has its culture, traditions and customs of which we can draw inspiration from. The world is so rich, I don’t want to be limited to one place. That being said, I find indigenous tribes absolutely fascinating. I also might be going to New York next winter. I’ll be there to meet new work partners, so it will be very rewarding. I’m sure the city will be very inspiring too. Talking about new collections, a new collection was launched in September, called “Renaissance”. The main theme is the 80’s style. I really love this fashion era, it brings vivid memories from my childhood. It was therefore an obvious source of inspiration for my second collection.


You are a young designer based in Lyon so, what famous lady or ladies would you love to see rocking your designs?

I literally love the French actress Eva Green. Seeing her on red carpets, wearing my outfits would be such a recognition ! It would also be a springboard to really develop my career and make my brand known.

Looking ahead to Spring 2017, what colours will be dominating your collections?

The Spring/Summer 2017 collection called “Renaissance” is already well under way. Dominant colours will be silver, black, and golden chocolate brown.


You are based in France but are your designs available to purchase worldwide?

So far, my clothing lines are only available in France. I would love to extend my business and make my outfits available worldwide. Nevertheless, private orders can still be shipped around the world.

When designing outfits to add to your collection, do you take into account your own tastes, your customer base, current fashion trends, requests, traditional styles or bits of all those?

I always create new designs on the spur of the moment, free from any outside influence. It is a bit different when I receive an order, I can stick to the set “guidelines” while keeping a great amount of freedom regarding the item’s “soul”. Every designer has their own style, personality and character when it comes to design. It’s what defines them and makes them stand out from the crowd. I could not accept an order which is too restrictive.


Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

If our paths had crossed today, I’d probably be wearing my white pencil skirt, with a black crop top and a pair of stilettos.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites? (Apart from your own!)

I’m gonna keep my fabric suppliers confidential of course ! 😉 All I can say is that most of them have the “Haute Couture” stamp. I always use high quality raw products. Regarding my own wardrobe, I mainly wear clothes from second-hand clothes shop. I love everything that is vintage! My favourite shop in Paris is own by one of my friends, it’s called Free’P’Star, Rue Rivoli.


What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

Here is a short list of what I would really like :

– a Hipanema bracelet

– if I get to go to New York this winte, I would love to buy a genuine sheepskin vest from the South-West of France

– Black leather over the knee boots

On a more pricey side

– I would love to own a Paco Rabanne outfit, made of metallic material

– A pair of Louboutin shoes


Boots or Shoes?

I’m not sure about what I prefer… I really like both, I guess it depends on what you’re wearing. In the winter, I definitely like wearing high or low boots. But what I love above all, in the spring/summer is wearing high heels, like reeeally high heels ! It’s really feminine and I love how it makes the woman’s silhouette look.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers can find out more about you & your designs:

instagram : @sabine_timmer

facebook :

Merci Linda pour cette interview.



You’re more than welcome Sabine – it has been a pleasure talking to you.  I do love the look of high heels as well but as I live in a rural area   I don’t get the chance to indulge anymore – when I lived in London it was easy to walk in high heels … and I was younger then too! So, dear readers, what is your opinion on the high heel? How high heelwise do you go?  Do tell, I’d love to know…

Linda x

All photographs have been published with kind permission from  Sabine Timmer.

© 2016 – 2018, Linda. All rights reserved.

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