An Interview With Valencia Christina

Rising out of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in the sazzy city of New Orleans, my guest this week is not only gobsmackingly gorgeous but she has weathered bad luck and has emerged like a phoenix to grace the catwalks in New York City and New Orleans; as well as being on magazine covers and featuring in films … but that’s not all, this beautiful model/ actress/ promoter/ MUA  may wear a few “hats” but she also helps other aspiring young talents … Hi Valencia Christina…image

Hi!  I am Valencia Christina aka Vcbarbie.

You’ve been modelling for over 5 years, acting since the age of 5, promoting for over 7 years and a make up artist since 2009. So, when you was 5, did you hope to be an actress or a model or something completely different?

I’d hope to be a veterinarian or marriage counsellor. 

Sadly after Hurricane Katrina hit your hometown of New Orleans you became separated from your family members, and you left school to search for your mum. How did you manage to get your life back on track to pursue your modelling/acting aspirations?

Honestly I’m a mother. It was never my dream to be a model but acting I’ve loved since a kid. I just looked at it as if it were my hobby instead of a career. Where I come from you get through it. No matter what you keep pushing. Once I got in contact with my mom, my dad, my brothers and housed a few family members I was cool. Still very emotional subject and I’ll leave it at that. 

imageYou have modelled in fashion shows both in New York City and in New Orleans, but have you been on any unusual or strange modelling locations? Have you had any strange/unusual modelling experiences?

OMG yes! I’ve done a show walking on a bar, I’ve been in a show in water, body paint photo shoot, abandoned buildings…. 

To date, what has been your most favourite photoshoot?

New Orleans CVBtourism was my absolute favorite because I was representing my city and getting paid to do it!

imageIs there any style of photoshoot /modelling / famous photographer that you would like to try that you haven’t yet experienced?

There are several photographers I’d like to shoot with. A style I would like to try is GOTH.

Have you any favourite models whose style/attitude you admire?

I know you might have heard this name before but I’ll say it anyway… Tyra Banks, Naomi, Eve, and Meagan Good. Why? Each of these beautiful black women came into the game being told no, no, no and still continued moving forward and now look at them. Not to mention they also crossed over from model to actress and one even has her own talk show! I admire these women not only because of their ambition but the fact that they are still relevant and killing the game.

imageYou have featured in films such as The Green Lantern and the Revenge of the Bridesmaids. Just supposing you can have any film role you desired, what role & film would you love to star in?

Im pretty versatile when it comes to acting so I don’t have a set role I’d like to play. I have serveral names that I would love to work with. Producers, directors, and actors/actress such as Stephen Speilberg, Ice Cube, Tyler Perry, Kimberly Elise, Kevin Hart, Kyla pratt, Waynes, Taraji, Dana Elise Owens (Queen Latifah), …….. This list goes on and on. In a nutshell I could fit any role anytime any place. Just hire me!

imageStill on the film theme, have you got a favourite genre of films you like to see? Favourite film?

I have some fav movies but I won’t name them because you’ll see how much of a tomboy I am. LOL . I like action, comedy, horror/thriller and romance.

You give inspirational speeches and give help to other aspiring young talents looking to find their feet. What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring young models or actors/actresses?

Be patient and research your butt off! Get some training by credible professionals and make sure your portfolio is on point at all times. Depending on what type of model you want to become the research varies. (Fashion,Vixen,Glam,Print,Commercial,Editorial etc) But the most important thing it to do is KEEP GOD FIRST!

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

Normally I’ll have on some BEBE/BCBG jeans with my Michael Kors boot/sneakers and cute designer shirt and DVF/LV speedy/clutch purse.

Have you any favourite shops or online stores?

I’m really not a “fav shop” type person. I’m more of the ” I don’t want nobody wearing it” type so I go anywhere even a thrift store when I’m looking for something to wear.

imageWhat’s next on your clothes/shoes wishlist?

Actually right now I don’t have my eyes on anything in particular. Just shopping and looking for pieces. When I see it I know instantly I want it!

Boots or Shoes?

Boots and shoes! Why can’t I have both? When I want to be cute I need my Girly Gianni Bini flats or Tory Burch. If  I’m feeling like taking on the world I like to be comfy and I’m not a sneaker head so boots are my choice.

Any links you wish to share?

You can follow me on twitter: @vcbarbie; on instagram: @valenciachristina and like my facebook page: Valencia Christina XOXOOXOXO

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It has been a real pleasure chatting to you  and I wish you continued success in the years ahead.  I’m sure readers of this blog will keep an eye out for you on the silver screen and in the glossy mags …. 🙂

Linda x

Photo Credits: All photos have been published with kind permission from Valencia Christina.


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