Birds of a Feather

Welcome onto the blog this week my gorgeous and talented friend Lisa Goddard, whose cute ‘n’ cuddly owls and foxes have brought delight to many youngsters …Hi Lisa, please introduce yourself:


My name is Lisa and I have been designing and making owls, foxes, raggy dolls and decorations under the name ‘Daisy-Doodles’ for approx 4 years.

What was the inspiration behind making your rag dolls and cute owls?

I started by making bunnies, owls and small decorations for my own children and for presents.  They were so well received that I decided to have stalls at local events, and set up an online shop.  Over the past few years my repertoire has increased and changed, the foxes and dolls seem to be the most popular items. I made the first rag doll for Mimi (my youngest), she still takes it to bed every night along with the original Miss Foxy as she calls it!

I collect vintage fabric and trimmings and love scouring car boots and charity shops to find them.  I then use them to make the outfits for the dolls, it’s great to gauge people’s reactions when they see fabric that reminds them of their granny or their childhood.  Many a doll has been sold because she’s wearing a dress that brings back memories.  The owls are great to make because I get to use lots of different fabrics on each one, they are all totally unique.
Have you been asked to make anything unusual?
I have just completed a commission for a pair of foxes wearing bling, to be given as gifts to a real life Mr and Mrs Fox.  They were so pleased with them that they themselves have asked me to make another pair, this time wearing festive outfits ready for  next Christmas!  I have also recently made and sold out of tweed moustache brooches!
What has been your favourite item to date that you’ve created?
I always enjoy making the first one of anything.  I love getting the ideas, sketching them out, making the pattern and then see it come to life.
What  would you like to try to make that you haven’t tried as yet? 
That is such a difficult question because I don’t have enough hours in the day to make the things that I have already planned out let alone the things that I haven’t thought of yet!1
Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing ?
My style tends to be quite casual.  I nearly always wear leggings (gasp!) with a tunic style top and a brightly coloured/patterned cardigan.  I like to accessorize and have lots of bold necklaces and rings particularly when I find myself wearing all black. I live in my black leather DUO boots, flats for daytime and wedges for evening.
Do you have any favourite shops or online sites ?
Being of a certain size, the high street can be quite restrictive.  I often shop in TKMaxx as they stock larger sizes and the clothes are more individual.  Online (and when in London) I love Gudrun Sjoden.  The clothes are pricey but the fabrics, colours and cut of the clothes are fabulous.
What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?
I am on an eternal search for a pair of wedge evening shoes ( animal print or black suede) that are wide enough yet comfortable and don’t slip off.
Boots or Shoes?
Definitely boots because then I can get away with leggings and longer tops.  Comfort all the way!
Links you would like to share:
My website address is  having a major overhaul in the next few weeks so don’t be put off.
You can follow me on twitter  @ daisydoodlesx
Like me on Facebook:  Daisy-Doodles
Thank you very much Lisa for chatting to us!  As always, join the facebook group Boots Shoes et Al  (press the icon) for pictures to drool over, sell your unwanted shoes, buy some bargains and generally chat to other likeminded shoe addicts!
Linda x
Photo credits: Adam Hobden Photography;  Alex Palmer ; Lyst; Amazon UK; Lisa Goddard
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