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High Flying Urban Scene

Women’s Hip Hop Clothing/Urban wear first came to light in the 1980s when it was predominantly a style seen in America..but now since the start of the 21st century it has become more and more popular worldwide. Like all fashion trends, new styles have entered the melting pot…. and whereas men tend to wear the standard uniform of baggy low rise jeans and oversized tees…women do mix and match more!! Showing the navel is common, along with the piercing …by wearing sports bras under baggy shirts worn like a jacket, bikini tops, crop tops,tube tops,tank tops or cropped t -shirts. Then comes the trend along the lines of the men’s style –  graphic tee usually accompanied by a hoodie and baggy jeans and, for winter, a padded puff jacket. Celebrities sporting this style include Missy Elliott ( who sports her baggy tees and baggy jeans with chunky shoes and expensive hats) and Tulisa ( especially in her music videos, with plenty of added bling). Celebrities such as L’il Kim and Foxy Brown have popularised glam high fashion hip hop styles, for example, Kimona Lee Simmons fashion line of Baby Phat.  Nowadays, modern hip hop fashion also includes low rise skinny jeans, graphic tees, sportswear, basketball and skateboarding shoes, hoodies, leather jackets, polo shirts, baggy jeans,  cropped/bikini tops and t shirts, and chunky bling jewellery.

I was pleased recently to review the t shirts from up and coming UK urban clothing company, High Flyers Clothing.  This new company has a lot of designs and ideas up their sleeves to keep abreast evolving trends for both men and women!
As you can see from the photos, the t shirt modelled by Amy, look fabulous on! I was impressed with the quality of the t shirt – made from 100% Turkish Cotton, it is thick and soft to touch. There is no label on the neckline, which eliminates itchiness. The design itself isn’t printed – it is a heat applied transfer – the colours are vivid and I would advise using a cool iron (avoiding the design) after washing and line drying. I was impressed that the textile manufacturers used to make the t shirt are part of the Fairwear Foundation ( representing ethical trade and justice for workers.  Prices are very reasonable, the quality of the clothing is high and they look good – what more could you ask for?

And now, let’s welcome the first guys to have graced our blog and the brains behind High Flyers Clothing! Hi! Introduce yourselves:

We are a clothing brand named Highflyers Clothing. We originally started as two people in the company but there are now three of us. Us three are known as Shaf, Sal, and Sumi. We all have different roles within the business, but we all share the same dream. We are equally as passionate about artwork; talking about artwork, this was one of the reasons we got together.

What gave you the inspiration for your t-shirt designs?

We all have different inspirations; to name a few that we all have in common would be the love for artwork. This includes any type of artwork such as the simplest design but catches the eye to the most creative art, which may have a bigger meaning behind it. The way we see it is that the designer presents his thoughts and image ideas onto a piece of paper. This for some is an easier way to express themselves than by words.

Have you any plans to expand your clothing range? What’s in the pipeline?

Yes. We have many plans to expand our clothing range. We are bringing out unique and different designs and making sure we stay different to other brands out there. We believe that to be unique amongst other clothing brands we will have to keep bringing out fresh ideas and concepts that have not been used before. What’s in the pipeline? Hmm ,we don’t want to give away too much but so you would have to wait and see…we are at the moment sponsoring a music artist called Liquidsilva who has worked with d12,who are a very well known Eminem’s group from the United States. Also we have a project in the pipeline with Don Mega from D-Block. Watch out for what’s to come…

To date, what has been your most popular item sold?

The most popular item sold to date has definitely been the teddy with a chainsaw design.

What’s your most favourite item in your collection?

We love them all so it is hard to pick which one is the best, but if we had to then it would be the teddy design. We are going to have just a teddy collection – so something for all our beloved followers to look out for.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites (apart from your own site!!)?

We have a few…Big cartel, Karmaloop, Asos and Threadless come to mind first.

Boots Or Shoes…what do you guys like to see a lady wearing??!!

Definitely shoes!

Links you would like to share e.g. website/Facebook etc

Please support us by liking our Facebook page:

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Thanks very much guys!  Don’t forget for more ideas on footwear and accessories, join Boots Shoes et Al on Facebook (press the icon)…..

Linda x

Photo Credits: Adam Hobden Photography; High Flying Clothing

Model: Amy Hobden

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To Tan Or Not to Tan…

That is the question on a lot of fair skinned ladies’ lips as summer arrives…and for those of all skin tones a further question may be, go bare legged or not ?!

I am fair,or,as I like to say, “interestingly pale”  – I do not tan naturally easily – although to be fair (LOL!), I am not really a “laze around sunbathing on a beach ” sort of person! The top half of my body does get a colour of a fashion ( ok, I go red!) but my legs remain lily white. I can remember having a successful tan whilst on holiday –  when I was in my late teens and I had obviously fallen asleep on the sun bed during the day after staying up all night dancing the night away! I can also remember having sunburnt eyelids – not very pleasant! What I can definitely recommend if you do tend to go red before tanning is to invest in some Rimmel Sunshimmer  – rub this bronzer onto the red patches as well as on your shoulders,arms,legs,chest and it acts as an after sun moisturiser and turns the red a nice glittery bronze colour !  Fabulous on your face too – gives a healthy tan colour ! Pack some into your suitcases!!!

Sunbeds are an option. I booked a course of sun bed sessions before I embarked on (another) teen holiday to Magaluf! However, I only lasted one session – I contracted chicken pox and that was that. I landed in Magaluf, pale and spotty…but not for long, thankfully! However, if you are not a person who can lie on a normal sun bed for at least 15 minutes before getting bored, then it probably isn’t a good idea!

About 15 years ago I had an all over tan treatment applied at a spa and unfortunately I turned a lovely shade of orange. Luckily, my holiday break that year was to the Lake District where I was able to wear long sleeves and trousers ! Nowadays, fake tans are more sophisticated and the orange look can be avoided.  Spray tanning at reputable salons and centres now produce flawless results – although not used myself, friends have recommended the LA Tanning company, Vita Liberata outlets and Fake Bake.

Alternatively, you could opt for the fake suntan cream and do your legs (and body) yourself. I currently use Body Shop’s Molten Bronze  – a dry body oil with a hint of natural fake tan – apply it every day and you will gradually build up a natural looking colour. For me, it just takes the edge off that lily white ! Johnson’s Holiday Tan and Dove also work in the same way. Facial wise, I’m currently using Leichner’s camera blend tinted moisturiser in “hints of beige”.  Not as heavy as traditional foundations but it gives a lovely flawless illuminated look – available in various “hints” for all skin tones.

For darker tans, and fans of TOWIE, try Lauren’s Way Glam Tan – you can see for yourself how good it is by looking at Lauren Goodger!  ( Lauren’s Way also do spray tans). Another recommendation is pHenomeal tanning mousse by Vita Liberata – this tan can last an astonishing 2-3 weeks – and is available in dark,medium and fair. The product has won the “Best Tanning Range” category in U Magazine’s beauty awards 2012/2013.

You could also boost your all over tan by sunbathing in “Tan Through Swimwear” – the swimsuits and bikinis have a built in SPF of around 6 , so it is recommended that suntan lotion of SPF 6 or higher should be used on areas not covered by the swimsuit. There is a large range on Amazon ; you could also check out the Tan Through website – they guarantee that their Cool Tan swimwear range are not see through when wet or dry. It could be just the thing to eliminate those “tan lines”!

If bare legs are not your scene or perhaps are not appropriate for the occasion, there are a range of tights to give you that just tanned and oiled look. The photo heading this blogpost is of Jonathan Aston Micronet Tights in Natural with Pretty Polly Naturals Oiled Tights in Slightly Sunkissed underneath. Believe me, they look and feel wonderful ! If you want to bare your just painted tootsies in a pair of sandals, don a pair of toeless tights – brilliant invention !!  For sexiness you can’t beat the  seamed retro hosiery  –  available in colours from nude to chocolate – these are great for darker skin tones or as an alternative to the usual black tights/stockings.

Now you’ve prepared your pins – look to have a pedicure, paint your nails a vibrant colour (I love corals!), find those TAN sandals and go, strut your stuff!

Linda x

Photo Credit: Adam Hobden




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