Crazy About Shirts

Do you like shirts?  My husband is a fan. I have 4 sons – my eldest lives in football (soccer) shirts; my 2nd son likes his Jack & Jones t shirts; my 3rd son worships his baggy trousers, t shirts and hoodies ….. and my youngest son, well, he is just plain crazy about shirts! So he has agreed to talk about his love of shirts and give us some insight into what is “cool” in the world of shirts today!

Hi! I’m Ethan.  I’m 10 years old and I really love shirts!

What is it about shirts that you really love?

They are airy and cool you down in summer.

Do you prefer long sleeves or short sleeves?

It depends on the time of year – I like long sleeves in winter and short sleeves in summer. I don’t like my sleeves rolled up.

Do you have a favourite shirt?

Yes, my flamingo one. It is summery and cool.  ( I bought this shirt for Ethan from Next )

From Next

Do you have a favourite colour? 

Blue is my favourite colour.  I like wearing all colours apart from black. I do like bright colours.  

From Next

Who is your style icon?

Ricky Wilson (lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs). He wears cool shirts and waistcoats. I would like to wear a shirt and waistcoat for Sian’s wedding next year.  (Sian is my daughter, Ethan’s sister).

Out of your dad’s shirts, do you have a favourite that he wears?

My dad has a really cool butterfly shirt.

Dad’s butterfly shirt

What outfit do you like to wear when going out somewhere special?

Short sleeve white shirt, skinny blue jeans, and my leather jacket.

Do you like wearing your school uniform?

Yes, because I can wear a white shirt and it makes me look smart.

I notice that you and your friends wear your shirts buttoned right up to the top. Why?

(Shrugs)… I like to look smart and it’s how everybody wears a shirt at school. 

For pinning later

What’s next on your clothes wishlist?

A shirt, of course …. or jeans, skinny not baggy.  

What would you like to do when you are older?

I would like to be an airline pilot.

So, dear readers…. out of the mouth of babes, my youngest child has carved out a fashion style of his own – in stark contrast to his older brothers!  Do you have children who follow different styles?  Do share your observations!

Linda x

All photographs are by Linda Hobden

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25 thoughts on “Crazy About Shirts”

  1. Oh my son is forever in tracksuits and teeshirts! My daughter however has her own strange styles . I can’t even describe them to be honest!!!!
    Bless your boy for being so smart!!!

    1. My second youngest boy lives in sweat pants, tees & hoodies! There is only 16 months between them and they are total opposites when it comes to clothes! 🙂

  2. I live this. Love that he’s very specific about his fashion right down to the skinny jeans. Do you have post with your other family members. I would especially like to read about dad and his 🦋 shirt.

    1. I’m sure my husband would love to be featured once he has achieved his aim of losing enough weight and belly inches to get back into his beloved butterfly shirt – it is a tad tight on at the moment! 🙂

    1. Ethan is a little fashionista … but he is such an active outdoor boy too – currently he is favouring his camouflage shorts over skinny jeans as the weather is hot!

  3. Oh, what a sweet post, Blogging with your son. He’s got a great taste for being such a young charming gentleman. The one below his flamingo shirt would be my favourite, I bet he looks very handsome in those colours

    1. Ha ha – he doesn’t like to wear long sleeves in summer nor does he like his sleeves rolled up. He is pretty particular! He likes his school shorts on, whatever the weather in summer. In the UK, the children wear school uniform. However, he’ll get a shock in summer 2019 as his new school insist on long trousers all year round!

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