Lilac Invasion

Spring is nearly here in the Northern Hemisphere!  This Spring THE pastel colour to be seen in is shades of lilac ( I do include hues of lavender, violet, mauve, iris blue, cyclamen, hyacinth and purple here). For UK at any rate, Mothering Sunday will be here on the 26 March, and as my own mum is rather partial to all things lilac, this post includes lilac gift ideas too.

Flowers  –  a traditional good gift.  Instead of a traditional bunch of multi coloured flowers why not look at pots of hyacinths or plants for the garden. Talking of gardens, do you colour co-ordinate your plants or do you mix colours? The photo below is taken from my mum’s garden – she has green fingers and finds gardening therapeutic.

Books – many garden centres, stately homes, and public gardens have gift sections/shops where other gifts can be purchased other than plants.  How about a book about flowers?  I bought this book from a National Trust property … 

Toiletries –  from body lotions to foam baths and shower gels to soaps; there is a vast range of lavender based colours and smells all set to entice you to relax and breathe in that lavender scent reminicescent to Southern France in summer.  I quite like the Tesco lavender bath foam – plenty of bubbles –  and the new shower gel scents from Avon. I just love jasmine perfume.

Make Up – lilac colours have been around since time began but I do so love the new eye colour and lip glosses from Body Shop…

Eye shadow can be so versatile – in this photo I’ve used the eye shadow as an eye liner too.  Avon do nice eyeliners in purple hued colours too. This particular eyeshadow is by Sarah G Cosmetics.

Sometimes I like to buy a perfume based on its bottle and this perfume by Vera Wang not only smells divine it looks good too.  So pretty to have on your dressing table!

When it comes to slippers, these lilac polka dot slippers by Avon caught my eye.

And there are some pretty canvas shoes and sandals about too!

Dear readers, are you ready to embrace the lilac invasion? Have you dyed your hair lilac?  Do you like the lilac pastel hues or have other pastel colours caught your eye? Do share your thoughts!

Linda x

Photo credits: Linda Hobden

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8 thoughts on “Lilac Invasion”

  1. Hubby grew up in a town nicknamed, “The Lilac City” and we lived there for a number of years early in our marriage. I don’t think I could ever tire of the smell of freshly bloomed lilacs, but not sure I love it enough to invest in all those products! LOL!

  2. Hm, looking at this post makes me realize that I have got absolutely nothing lilac in the house. I should think of that next time a new top or so is due, it is such a lovely colour! Irises are gorgeous flowers, aren’t they?!

    1. It is such a gorgeous colour Klaudia 🙂 Irises are such gorgeous flowers that although I’m not a big gardening fan, I do know which flowers I like and agree with me (not lilies – beautiful flowers but they give me hay fever!) The Iris book I featured has some of the most delightful photos that I hope to be able to take some more floral pictures this Spring.

  3. I love lavender (there is rather a lot of it round here!), a slightly darker shade than lilac admittedly, but definitely one of my favourites. Lilac sadly doesn’t suit my colouring, but it does suit my house and garden. We have purple hydrangeas (we call them hortensias! all around the house.

    1. I always think of the South of France when I see/smell lavender. When I stayed in Greffeil, not far from Carcassonne, the gardens were full of lavender 😊

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