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Love me tender toes by beautiful moment art

“Love Is In The Air, Everywhere I Look Around….”  the heart print is definitely popular this season and looks set to last well into spring and summer… adorning beachwear, make up collections, playsuits, shorts, footwear, household items, nightwear, trousers, dresses, skirts, jumpers, tees, vests, hoodies, belts, gloves, scarves, iPhone accessories, bags, purses, tights, stockings, socks, underwear, jackets, jewellery and watches. The love heart theme certainly isn’t just confined to next week’s Valentines Day and weddings!  Nor is the heart theme confined to ladies wear – yes, I’ve found some menswear bits that are not cutesy hearts but hearts nevertheless! This year near enough every designer, high street shop, department store and trendy boutique features hearts somewhere in their 2013 collections – from ditsy all over prints to bold sequin heart shapes, from mesh hearts to neat cut outs, in all colours…. so, what do you heart??!!
1326 Contrast Hearts

I’m chuffed to welcome onto the blog this week the talented Claire from Beautiful Moments Art –  Hiya Claire, please introduce yourself:


Hi! I’m Claire Jones, an Essex based artist and the face behind Beautiful Moment Wedding and Occasion Art,which specialises in bespoke artwork and unique personalised hand painted shoe.

Your artwork on shoes is exquisite – where do you get your inspiration from?

I see inspiration in everything around me. Sometimes just the way the light reflects off a surface can make me think that would make a great textural effect for my artwork, other times its as straight forward as hearing song lyrics and thinking they would look great on shoes!

Have you had any strange design requests?

No not really strange as yet! A lady wants her company name on a pair to advertise her brand in a memorable way and one of my brides is having a cute saying her and her fiance say to each other on her shoes which is fun. I’ve also had another inquiry for a Paris themed shoe incorporating feathers but I’m looking forward to someone asking for something really off the wall as it brings out the creativity from the artist’s point of view to visualise the idea.

To date, what has been the most popular artwork theme on a wedding shoe?detail of ivory on ivory with painted flower wedding shoe by beautiful moment

Flowers! And also for brides the ivory on ivory technique I do is popular as it retains the traditional look of a bridal shoe but can include lots of personal details or words still.

What’s your favourite artwork to create – flowers, portraits, etc? 
I love both and that was my starting point for Beautiful Moment, I wanted to do something that combined the two which I do with my portraits. I love making things pretty and have a slight obsession with hearts so painting shoes with romantic decoration such as lace hearts and flowers is a pleasure.Love me tender shoes by Beautiful Moment art

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing? 

A Polo neck and denim skirt with opaque tights and my timberland biker knee boots is probably my favourite outfit for winter. Im not a stereotypical Essex girl by any means when it comes to fashion. I do love girly things like pretty dresses and skirts in the summer but also like retro clothing, surf chic and anything lilac or purple!
Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?
I buy things from so many different places from Tesco to Karen Millen so I don’t really have a favourite. I seem to have quite a few pairs of shoes from Nine West so I would say that’s my favourite shoe retailer. The last item of clothing I bought was from the Monsoon sale.
What’s next on your shoe/clothes wishlist?
A shopping spree in New York would be lovely! I love Macys department store! greatest day shoes backs by beautiful moment art

Boots or Shoes? 

To look at, high heel shoes are beautiful and my all time favourite pair of shoes are some purple suede stilettos, but in reality I wear knee boots much more both flat and heeled.
Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook etc
I love my social media so pop on over to my twitter and facebook page and say Hi!

Thank you Claire for sharing your exquisite work with us – absolutely beautiful!  Dear readers – go & spread the love!!Beautiful Moment art Wedding Shoes by David Turner


PHOTO CREDITS: Essexee Legs; Claire Jones; David Turner; Wendy Beckett

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