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Welcome to part 2 of my spotlight on Ozalia Australia, the makers of totally luxurious sheepskin boots.  Part 1 concentrated on my interview with Aaron, the founder – to read his interview click HERE.  Part 2 is my review of the Ozalia Australia boots themselves, putting Aaron’s claims to the test! DISCLAIMER ALERT: The boots have been supplied by Ozalia Australia for the purpose of this review however all opinions expressed are 100%mine.

First of all, the website – www.ozaliaboots.com. It came across to me as an easy to navigate website, clear descriptions  and placing an order is simple.  Although the prices are not cheap – we are talking luxury sheepskin boots of the highest quality – they are, nevertheless, very competitive, working out to roughly half the price of similar style boots by fellow luxury brand competitors.

Delivery of the boots:  After you’ve placed your order, you’re provided with a tracking number. Despatch was pretty quick, arriving within 2 days.  Having warehouses in both the USA & UK (for UK & Europe deliveries) as well as in Australia, makes a speedy delivery possible. Best of all, the company offer worldwide FREE shipping.  When I received my package, I was impressed.  Inside the large logo clad shoe box, was a logo clad tissue paper cover enclosing a sumptious black velvet bag housing the boots themselves. In with the package was a “social media” envelope enclosing a welcome card to the Ozalia Australia community and a two-sided banner card so that you can pose on Instagram and other social media places. It’s a feature that I wouldn’t take advantage of personally, however I do think that for younger Instagram fans it is quite a cool addition.

The Boots.  They look luxurious, are well made and have the thickest fleece lining I have ever seen.  Aaron explained that the fleece has natural lanolin which, when the boots are worn with bare feet, moisturise and soften the feet.  Absolute bliss.  

All Ozalia Australia’s boots come with a “warmest boot guarantee” – in other words, if the boots are not the warmest you’ve ever owned, then they will send your money back. My feet are snug as a bug in a rug! I couldn’t believe though how thick the fleece lining was and so I compared the lining with similar boots from a different brand ….

My last test was the water & stain resistant test.  The boots, whilst not recommended to be worn during a blizzard or a torrential downpour, have been treated to make them water & stain resistant for at least 6 months. Aaron assured me that if I poured a glass of water over the outside of the boots, the water will just roll off. So I reluctantly took my boot, filled a glass with water and poured it over the boot. Well, what happened was …. In fact, I took a video so that the experiment could be conducted live:

Water Demo IMG_6345

My Verdict:  Very snug & stylish boots indeed. Although they are not recommended for long walks in deep snow, they will certainly keep your feet warm whilst doing ordinary day to day activities. On long journeys by car, plane or train, these boots are ideal slipper substitutes. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them with thick socks and jeans – but I would recommend wearing them with a knitted dress & tights OR with leggings OR even denim shorts.  I must add though, that if you are used to wearing heels, the completely flat sole will take some getting used to.  I kept tripping over my own feet when I first wore them!


If you fancy these snug boots for yourself, or perhaps some moccasins, then Aaron at Ozalia Australia is offering readers of this blog 15% discount off everything in their store (www.ozaliaboots.com).  Just quote the special promo code “BSF15” at the checkout.

Happy boot shopping!

Linda x

All photos by Linda Hobden



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30 thoughts on “Ozalia Australia Review”

  1. That’s a great discount, Linda! Several items are sold out, so they must be getting popular! Your description of the packaging was interesting, I’m glad you included this. My brother-in-law created a bow-ties and accessories line and he pays great attention to those details.

    1. I was really impressed with their packaging so I couldn’t help but not highlight the packaging. It sets the tone for the product, I feel. 😊

    1. Aaron told me that after surfing in the summer, a lot of Aussies slip on their boots on the beach so as the lanolin in the fleece moisturises their feet & wear them with cut off denim shorts ….

  2. Great post. These look just like Uggs, which are from Australia and so popular in the States. I’ve never heard of Ozalia, and I was just there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. UGGS the brand are more well known but Ozalia Australian is one of the luxury Australian brands that make ugg (sheepskin) boots. They are all made with slightly different features – Ozalia’s warmest guarantee highlights the thickness of its fleece, for example. Also, Ozalia Australian boots are slightly more affordable than UGGS and yet offer the same luxury.

  3. Wow. Those do look nice and toasty warm—especially now while I’m looking at them and the outside temps are in the 30’s and it’s raining. These would be perfect.

    1. The discount code definitely works – did you type it in correctly? We have now shortened the code to “BSF15”

        1. Also, can I order on the actual website and ship to the UK? As the address section only allows me to pick the US and Canada?

          1. Yes, they ship to the UK – I’m in the UK and I got my boots in a couple of days (they have a warehouse in the UK)

    1. I was impressed with the boots – as you can see in the review – and my daughter recommends wearing them when travelling – by plane or car as she has recently done 🙂

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