An Interview With Bootights

October 24th, 2014

Readers of my blog and those who know me, will know that three of my passions are boots, hosiery and talking …. so you can imagine my excitement at meeting the gorgeous Shelby Mason and her fab creation, “Bootights”….these are tights (and socks) specifically made for wearing with boots.  I just had to have a chat….welcome Shelby:image

Hi! My name is Shelby Mason and I am the founder and CEO of Leg Up, LLC and creator of the legwear lifestyle brand called Bootights®. I created Bootights® because I was tired of being uncomfortable in my boots when wearing traditional thin hosiery. My feet would slip and slide in the boots which caused blisters and snags and runs in my tights. My boots also didn’t fit quite right so I had to layer a separate sock over my tights so I had extra cushion and warmth. This make-do solution wasn’t ideal either because I could never find the right sock – my running socks would bunch down under my heel so I was forced to “borrow” ugly white “man” socks from my Dad or boyfriend. It was always a bit of a pain and inconvenience.

What inspired you to invent the idea of bootights?

As a former road warrior in my previous career in syndication TV sales, I imagespent a lot of time in and out of airports and consequently airport security lines. One winter day I was heading Fargo (I lead a very glamorous life!), chatting with a fellow traveller standing behind me. I was forced to take off my boots and reveal my ugly, white tube socks that I had layered over my tights and needless to say, I was beyond embarrassed. On my flight I wondered why there wasn’t a hosiery product that combined the look of a tight and the comfort of a sock – all-in-one. The idea for Bootights® was taking off. Eventually, I created what I thought was a need in the marketplace after doing research to support my time and effort, I realized that I wasn’t the only gal who was forced to layer a separate sock over my tights when I wear boots. In fact, over 50% of the 500 women polled nationally said that they also layer to sock for comfort and they would buy a product that combined the two.

Coming from a background in the American TV industry, and having worked your way up to Vice President of Television Sales – West Coast Division for Disney … then to leave your comfortable career to embark upon this venture of entrepreneurship in an industry you knew little about, must have been a trying time for you. I applaud you for such a brilliant idea and your determination to get your idea realised. As a young girl though living in Washington State, what were your career dreams at the time? Did you have a love of fashion at a young age?

Thank you. Yes, it was very difficult and extremely scary. I was armed with a unique solution-based product and a lot of passion and luckily, the press followed. Getting Bootights® featured on the Oprah show as a Must Have Fashion Item in 2011 made it a little easier to walk away from the Mouse House. I knew I was on to something. Plus, I didn’t know what I didn’t know so in way, it was eaiser because of that as well.

imageComing from Bremerton, WA, a blue-collar, navy town, I had always dreamed of moving away from the rainy, sleepy town and “make it big” in NYC. I always wanted to be in advertising and eventually received an internship at a big Ad Agency in Seattle. After working in that environment, I realized that it wasn’t my true calling and ended up working at the local Fox Affiliate, KCPQ-TV in programming and I loved it. I quickly moved up the ladder and found myself in NYC and working for Universal Television then Warner Bros hired me and moved me to Chicago and then I worked for Disney after that and was promoted and eventually landed myself in LA to work at the Disney studios in Burbank.

Looking back, I did always love fashion. At a young age I dreamed of being a fashion designer and would draw models with my clothing creations. Being a child of the 80’s, I was always very coordinated and remember enjoying putting together outfits but I wasn’t really that creative or artsy. Just loved clothes.

IMG_0553.JPGAre your bootights colours & designs dictated by your personal tastes, popular customer requests, hosiery trends, or bits of all three?

All three. I always look at color trends and boot and legwear trends. I always take into account my customer’s feedback as well. I’m a bit more classic in my styling so many of the designs reflect that. I want the styles to be really wearable because they are so durable, the patterns should be relevant season after season. Of course, I will throw in some fun patterns to mix it up and Fusion Flame Stitch is an example of that. The Lacy Darby is an example of a design that is not personally my esthetic but it is my best seller. 

My favourite bootights designs currently are the Lincoln Park Open Knit and the Fusion Zig-Zag. What’s your favourite design out of your collection?

IMG_0560.JPGI love my new Ellevator™ over-the-knee boot socks. They mix a cable knit and classic rib pattern and can be worn in different ways depending on your look that day. They can be worn as a thigh-hi, knee-hi or over-the-knee or even folded over your boot as a boot cuff. Of course, the bottom has our signature comfort sock attached so your feet always stay comfy in those boots.

What are the differences between bootights and “darby’s”, that you’ve also designed?

Darbys® is my name for our knee-hi boot socks. I didn’t want to call them boot socks because you think of something kinda chunky and ugly. I didn’t want to call them a trouser sock because they are traditionally thin. Darbys® are a compression, nylon, spandex knee-hi and a cushioned, moisture-wicking performance sock attached. They come in fun and classic patterns and our best seller has a pretty lace embellishment on the top. Bootights® is what started it all – our tights/pantyhose with the socks attached.

IMG_0551.JPGWhat design(s) from the latest collection have been the most popular amongst your customers so far?

In our Bootights® line the Madison, sheer rib has been popular because of it’s so wearable and figure flattering – the vertical rib design create long, leaner looking leg. The Lillith Filligree design is also getting a great response. Our Chelan Shaper is a favorite because who doesn’t want to feel and look sleeker.

The Ellevator™ versatile over-the-knee has been a big hit and our collegiate game day colors of our Darby Lacie has taken off.

If it was possible, who would you like to see being the “legs” of Bootights?

Great question – I wouldn’t turn down Heidi Klum if she wanted to wear the Bootights® that’s for sure. I’d also love to see them on Princess Kate, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston. Love to see the Darbys on Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift because they have a western/country appeal. But I really see my customer as every busy, on-the-go gal who appreciates style and will pay a little more for comfort, quality and convenience.

IMG_0552.JPGAs we approach the Autumn/Winter season – what colour trends/styles of bootights do you think will be popular?

Our stone color has been really hot – it is an updated take on Taupe and we offer it in our Lillith style Bootights®, Ellevator™ and Darbys®. It’s very wearable and can go with any outfit and boots. Plum and Deep Burgundy are also very pretty on legs this fall.

Your bootights are available via your website and at retailers across the USA. Have you any plans to expand overseas in the future to feature in retailers globally? Do you ship outside of the USA at all?

Bootights are currently available in Canada and Australia. I’m planning to expand in Germany and Japan next season.

IMG_0559.JPGPersonal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I love wearing dresses with my boots and skinny jeans or leggings. My clothing is usually neutrals (beige, black, brown, grey) and I pop my outfit with accessories. Of course, Bootights® and I love wearing fun and colorful scarves and jewelry. This allows me to change my accessories for each season depending on trends without spending a fortune. I do love my boots though – Big fan of Frye and Ariat.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

I love Akira in Chicago, Urban Outfitters and

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

Momma needs a new pair of boots so I have my eye on some new Frye embellished beauties.

Boots or Shoes?   (I have a sneaky feeling I already know that answer!)

Yep! How did you guess?

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers can follow you and your career.

It’s been absolutely fabulous talking to you Shelby and I really hope that you’ll bring Bootights to the UK soon too… 

Linda x

All photos have been published with kind permission from Shelby Mason.

Let’s Go Boutique Shopping

October 17th, 2014

imageI can’t deny it – I love online shopping – the convenience of shopping at a variety of department stores around the world and just searching for exactly what you want in a matter of minutes rather than trawling through countless rails for hours on end; all done in the comfort of your home, whatever the time, no aching feet, no screaming bored children …. oh yes, the perks are endless!

However, sometimes boutique shopping is bliss.  I’m not talking about the huge enclosed all weather shopping centres/malls …. I find them too claustophobic nowadays… I love the quirky unique boutiques in quaint little back roads, the open shopping arcades housing just a few shops with a coffee shop to relax in inbetween shops, and markets.  During the summer I loved the local night market close to where I was staying in the south of France…. I was really pleased with a cotton hippy style cotton vest top I bought, and I enjoyed rummaging through rails of floaty colourful cotton skirts with the smell of crepes and cheese wafting in the breeze …..

When I was living in London as a teenager/young adult, every Saturday I spent shopping until I  dropped in various locations as diverse  as Walthamstow Market, Romford Market, to Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden and King’s Road.

imageThen you’ve got the minipalaces – the flagship stores whose decor is just as stunning as the goods they sell.  Stores such as Galante, owned by Belgian actor Alain Van Goetham, in Bruges – it has a massive chandelier, a wall full of red roses based on the movie American Beauty and a table based on the table in Alice in Wonderland. Fairytale shopping at its best. Oh, it sells exclusive shoes and bags too!

So, if you feel you would like to give online shopping a miss this weekend and fancy some boutique shopping and discovering some superb “minipalaces” whether you are in London, Paris or beyond, my friends at Farfetch have come up with another brilliant quiz for this blog this week to introduce you to some of the world’s best boutiques.  So, let’s go boutique shopping:

Shop Boutiques at Farfetch

And, if you really can’t leave that comfy sofa – visit their websites instead! I’ll love to hear what unique boutiques you’ve visited on your travels ….

Linda x

Photo Credits: Photos – Linda Hobden;  Infograph – Farfetch.

An Interview With Distinctive Silver

October 10th, 2014

‘Tis nearly the time when talk will be of Christmas parties and presents – so what can be more appropriate than now to look at this season’s range of jewellery – as a gift or to accessorise with that stunning Little Black Dress you’ve got your eye on for the annual office shindig.  Bang on trend this winter is silver – whether you wish to be understated and elegant or you want to stand out from the crowd in something bold –  adding an unique statement to any outfit. Silver is my metal colour of choice too, so I am really chuffed to welcome onto the blog today Simon, co – owner of the trendy jewellery company Distinctive Silver…. hi Simon!image

Hello, I am Simon the founder and co owner of, I recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in chemistry. I have now started my website up as I wish to follow in my father’s footsteps by entering the jewellery industry and continuing the family business.

What was the inspiration behind setting up Distinctive Silver?

I was inspired to set up Distinctive Silver because whilst working in jewellery over the last year I noticed a lack of websites selling unique pieces of sterling silver jewellery. I intend to offer the public pieces that will make them stand out from the crowd and won’t be found in high street shops.

imageWhen choosing designs/styles for your range of silver jewellery, do you go by popular styles, customer requests, fashion trends, your own tastes/needs or bits of all those?

I try to go for designs that I believe will allow the product to do the talking rather than a label. I personally like bigger statement jewellery, like our Increasing Ball Necklace and Ball Statement Bracelet, however smaller and simpler items like our Pull Tight Love Heart Bracelet have been very popular since our launch.

I love the Knot Pendant & Chain and the Pearl Pendant & Chain from your current website. To date, what has been your most popular item/style ordered from your website?

We have 3 or 4 very popular items, the Hoop too Hoop Necklace is very popular as well as the Knot Pendant and the Pull Tight Love Heart Bracelet. The Triple Hoop Bracelet is also very popular and makes a good companion for the Hoop too Hoop Necklace. The Pearl Pendant is a new piece and comes from a childhood family friends business that I used to live next door too. So to do business with them feels right and is a pleasure. I’m hoping to get more similar items and look forward to working with them in the future.

imageYou have a client base that includes some of the hottest A-list celebrities as well as notable sports and business professionals. Hypothetically speaking, who would be your ideal “face” of Distinctive Silver? Who would make you feel really chuffed to be seen & photographed wearing your products?

Any celebrity wearing our items is a good sign for the business, I am more focused on ensuring that anyone wearing a product from Distinctive Silver is a happy customer. The ideal face for Distinctive Silver would be someone like Holly Willoughby; she has a great eye for fashion and is always seen wearing attractive pieces of jewellery. We are about to bring our latest product to our website which is a Sterling Silver Coin Pendant, which she has been seen wearing (although in gold) on this morning. Holly has also been photographed wearing a similar item to our Black Simplicity Necklace which is available now to order from our website.

imageI love silver and I personally prefer wearing silver earrings, for example, rather than gold. Silver tends to match whatever you’re wearing. I also love the fact that your products are quality only sterling silver, beautifully boxed, guaranteed for a year, and you offer free delivery in the UK! Do you ship overseas at all? If not, do you hope to expand overseas in the future?

We do ship overseas and depending on the size of the order we may be able to arrange free shipping. All of our products come in boxes and if necessary can come gift wrapped.

What is the difference between sterling silver and fine silver? Why do you prefer to concentrate on Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is given the hallmark 925 due to its 92.5% purity, this is because sterling silver contains around 7.5% copper, where as fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. The 7.5% of copper makes it a slightly harder metal which is why I prefer to use sterling silver as it more durable for bracelets and necklaces which may take the odd knock.

imageHave you any plans to extend your range eg introducing mens’ jewellery?

I do plan on a men’s range as well as adding new products to the collections we already have. Hopefully the men’s range should be on the website by the New Year featuring lots of sterling silver necklaces from thinner and lighter chains to heavier belcher chains much like the chains featured in the layered three chains.

Have you ever been asked to design a piece of silver jewellery that was totally unusual or had any strange jewellery requests that you can tell us about?

Working alongside our sister company SB Jewellery we are always designing bespoke pieces of jewellery. This is their speciality and has been for the last 30 years. Therefore we are able to make any piece that a customer may want.

imagePersonal now – do you wear jewellery yourself? Dare I ask, but do you just wear silver or are you partial to other metals too?!

I wear a simple sterling silver curb chain and a bicolour (stainless steel and gold) watch. I used to wear gold but lately I have been more interested in silver.

What outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

Normally I would be seen in some canvas shoes a nice pair of chinos/jeans and a shirt. I love the smart casual look as its comfortable and looks good.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

My favourite place for online shopping is Asos and my favourite retail shop is Hugo Boss and Topman.

imageWhat’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

I have been eyeing up a pair of limited edition Nike Air Max for the casual look and a nice Ted Baker winter coat.

Boots or Shoes?

Always shoes for me! I think they look nicer and better with the trousers I wear.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook etc so that readers can find out more about Distinctive Silver
Fb, twitter, distinctive silver etc​

imageThanks for chatting with us Simon and I simply love the collection!  What jewellery piece appeals to you this season?  I’d love to know…

Linda x

All photos have been published with kind permission from Distinctive Silver.

Doing The Blog Hop

October 3rd, 2014

imageThis week I’m talking “blog hopping”!  Blog Hopping? I hear you ask!  Let me tell you, it was a question on my lips when the lovely Eve from the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy nominated me to take part.  I’ve never done this kind of thing before, but I was willing to have go!   The idea is pretty simple : I have to answer 4 questions on my blog, then pass the “baton” to two other writers.  So, here goes… bear with as I step up to the mastermind chair….

1. What Am I Working On?

Currently I’m preparing interviews to appear on my blog in the next couple of months …I won’t say the “C” word but it is looming!  I have a great line up already in place this Autumn – I’ve interviewed models, authors, bag designers, shoe designers, start ups, jewellers, beauty product companies, fashion houses, TV psychics….

2. How Does My Work Differ From Others In This Genre?

Probably the interview style blogposts I would say, as I don’t do an awful lot of photographing myself in various outfits! I try to concentrate more on interviewing interesting and inspirational people and companies from all corners of the globe, some connected with the fashion industry , others not – but all linked with personal fashion and footwear tastes at the end of the interview.  Another factor is that I’m a lot older than the average fashion blogger.

3. Why Do I Write What I Do?

I enjoy it.  I enjoy chatting to different people and I have a wide variety of interests and I have a passion for writing and reading that matches my passion for fashion and boots!  As I’m a bit older (just a tad!) than your average fashion and shoe blogger I hope, through my blog, to pass on the message that as you get older you can continue to dress fashionably without looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” or resorting to looking like a frump! As mum to a trendy and glam 21 year old daughter, I am pretty much kept in check if something I wear is OTT or frumpy!

4. How Does My Writing Process Work?

My blogposts differ each week and I enjoy chatting and getting to know the people I’m about to interview. Most interviewees I either know personally or have got to know and followed via social media for a long time. Others have been introduced to me at events, via PR agents, others approach me direct and some I email direct asking to interview them.Some interviews are done in person but most are online. I do a lot of research before I do an interview so as I can really understand and get interested in the person or company. I tend to work in advance, so “interviews” are often held about 6 weeks prior to the publishing date.

Thank you Eve for nominating me, it was fun!  I’m passing the baton onto two completely different but equally as fab writers…. author Carol E Wyer who has just published her 7th humorous book, Three Little Birds ( read Carol’s interview with me HERE) imageand to fellow blogger, Hosiery For Men, whose knowledge about hosiery has no limits and regardless of gender, his hosiery reviews and opinions are most highly regarded….image I look forward to reading their blog hops…..

Linda x

Photo Credits: All photos published with kind permission of Carol E Wyer; Hosiery For Men; Linda Hobden

STOP PRESS …. the lovely people at Wear Eponymous have awarded me their blogger award and I now proudly display the award badge on my blog!  I interviewed Wear Eponymous last year and I’m pleased to say that their stylish outfits are continuing to wow!  To read my interview with Wear Eponymous, press HERE.

An Interview With Sally Morgan

September 26th, 2014

Embarking on her Autumn UK tour,  I managed to catch up with Sally Morgan, better known as TV’s Psychic Sally… you may have seen the lovely, bubbly Sally  in her TV series “Star Psychic, in Psychic Sally Big Fat Operation, in Sky Living’s Psychic Sally On The Road, as well as appearances on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me Halloween Special and Big Brother’s Bit On the Side with Rylan Clark.  Sally has a big passion for fa shion too, so a big warm welcome to the blog….image

Hi, I am Sally Morgan aka Psychic Sally. I am often referred to as an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift…I believe that I can connect with people on the other side. I am currently touring theatres in the UK with my interactive show Psychic Sally On The Road, I am also the star of several TV shows and an author. When I am not working my most favourite hobby is shopping! Shoes and bags are my biggest obsession!

Congratulations on being recognised as one of the top 5 psychics in the world after being tested by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University Ph D graduate. What sort of tests did you go through as part of his experiment?

There were lots of different tests often referred to as ‘blind on blind’ wheimagere I give information about a person that I have not met. It was a fascinating project to be involved in and I think I left a lot of people speechless with the information I gave. The validation given would have been difficult for even the biggest skeptic to pull apart.

You had your first psychic experience with an appearance of a ghost at around the age of 4. Were you not frightened at such a tender age? When did you first realise you had this psychic ability?

My ability has always been something that is just within me, I have never known any different. When I was 4 I had no idea what it was. I just remember one day being told off at nursery when I asked if my grandad could stay. The teachers said no and I pointed at another older gentleman in the room and shouted that it wasn’t fair that another little girl could have her Grandad there. What I didn’t realise is that this man did not exist in real life. Only I could see him!

In your 20s you used your psychic abilities as a sort of party piece but soon your excellent reputation attracted an extensive client list including celebrities and royalty – reading for Princess Diana for 4 years. Did you realise that your psychic abilities would shape your career or as a child did you yearn to follow a different career path?

imageIf I am honest I had no idea that I would end up working as a medium full time. (I use the word medium as someone who is in touch with spirit but a more generic term is psychic.) When I was about 15 my mother took me to a spiritualist church where a very famous psychic of that time told me that I would go on to do great things with my ability. I honestly had no idea at that time that I would use it as any more then a party piece. I got a job as a dental nurse in my 20’s which I loved but outside of work I was starting to build up a client base. I had people from all different walks of life wanting to see me, and soon people started coming to my house for readings. It grew very organically, at one point I was known as ‘London’s best-kept secret’. In my early 30’s I realised that I had enough demand to work as a medium full time and so that is what I did. I set up my own practice at my home and took bookings all day long. I haven’t looked back since! If I hadn’t of developed naturally into working as a full time medium my dream job would have been to be a fashion or interior designer. I have a real eye and passion for fabrics, textures and colours.

imageLaunching in the TV spotlight in 2007 with your TV series Star Psychic, you went on to star in other TV programmes & documentaries such as Psychic Sally Big Fat Operation, a fly on the wall documentary showing your life changing weight loss operation. What were the main differences you noticed, other than weight loss obviously, after the operation compared to Sally before the op? Did people’s attitudes change or have you more stamina to get through your gruelling tour schedule?

The biggest change for me was that at the end of a 2-hour show I could still stand! Seriously, before the operation my feet and ankles use to swell and I would be in agony at the end of an evening. This may sound silly but it was something really simple that really made me stop and recognise the change. I was walking down my stairs at home and when I got to the bottom step I sprung off it, like I was as light as a feather. I hadn’t done that for years! I know wear clothes that I never thought I would, jeans, dresses etc. People are often staggered at my weight loss, when you compare pictures of my before and after, it is like looking at someone different. Like anything in life you have to take the bad with the good. Most people are very supportive but there are always those they feel you have changed as a person because you are thinner and perhaps put more value on how you look. But the truth is I am still the same old Sally. Even when I was bigger I still loved fashion – I always dressed in bright colours and wanted the latest trends. It really was a health decisions. After suffering a mild heart attack I was told by the doctors that I had to lose weight – it was literally a life or death decision.

imageYour successful Sky Living series Psychic Sally on the Road provided an unique insight on your hectic tour schedule and home life. You have toured the UK for over 7 years performing over 120 shows a year – and are just about to tour the UK again ( I will be putting your tour dates in the article) You have also taken your interactive show to Australia, with a hope to tour there again in 2015. What do you most enjoy about touring? Any secrets on how you keep your stamina going that you can share?

There are two main things I love about touring 1. Is meeting so many amazing people all with an interest in the afterlife and 2. Learning more about spirit and how they interact. Since being on tour I have taken my understanding of  the spirit world to the next level, really developing my knowledge of what happens when we pass, the signs spirit give us and how they interact with one another. You will often hear me say that ‘spirit orchestrates the evening’, this is completely true. I never know what is going to happen on any night, I put all my trust in spirit and that the messages will get to the right people. I have always been a bubbly and energetic person and I am lucky to have a great support network around me, which makes life on the road much easier. I always stock up on bananas for energy and make sure I drink plenty of fluids…and of course the odd cup of tea!

You are an author too of 4 books – My Psychic Life, Healing Spirits, Life After Death, My Heavenly Truth, and you are currently writing your 5th book, Call Me Psychic, due out early 2015. Do you find writing therapeutic? What sort of book genre do you like reading? Favourite books or authors?

I love reading  motivational books and one of my favourite authors has to be Deepak Chopra. I have always enjoyed writing and it was always a dream of mine to write a book. I can’t believe I am now writing my 5th! It is very therapeutic and for me, taking the time to reflect on my life and work is very rewarding to me.

imageYou won Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me Halloween Special, beating various celebs including Robert Englund (aka Freddie Kreuger). Did you enjoy the experience?

We had so much fun making the show. I am a bit of an entertainer so I put a lot of effort into the evening – hiring a local dance school to perform their version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I also had a couple of friends dressed as Zombies, which certainly gave the neighbours a fright! I really tried to push the boundaries and created completely new recipes for the night…this could have been a disaster but luckily the food turned out brilliantly. I was gobsmacked when they announced me as the winner but it was great being able to give the winnings to my chose charity.

You also appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side With Rylan Clark, sharing your views on the Big Brother 2014 housemates. Did you enjoy that experience? Did you get any psychic experiences relating to the housemates?

I love Rylan, he is such a down-to-earth person with lots of endearing qualities. We have become quite good friends since, as he has always been a big fan of mine. The 2014 Big Brother housemates were certainly unique…I picked up on their true characteristics straight away…I think I will leave that there!! Ha ha

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

On stage I always wear heels, normally from Russell & Bromley as they are so comfy! I wear black trousers and then either a bright or sparkly jacket, which I get specially made. I love a bit of glitz and glamour!  In the day I will often be seen in M&S jeans, flats and a t-shirt or jumper…very casual.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites ?

I love high street brands Zara, Whistles and Weekend Max Mara.
I also love for online shopping. So much selection and quick delivery – very convenient!

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

I have my eye on a pair of brogues from Russell and Bromley. I would also really love a Burberry Mac!! Ha ha

Boots or Shoes?

Shoes – I find it hard to get boots that fit me as I have big calves so I definitely have more shoes then boots.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers of the blog can learn more about you!

Twitter: @SallyMorganTV

Thank you very much Sally for taking time out of your busy schedule for a chat – I hope your tour continues to be a success.  So, dear readers, for the list of tour dates for the rest of October and November, press HERE. So if Sally’s in your town , why not pop along and say hello… she may have a message for you! How fab would that be?

Linda x

Photo Credits: All photos have been published with kind permission from Sally Morgan

An Interview With Jane Goodchild Handbags

September 19th, 2014

This week I’m talking bags with the lovely Jane Goodchild who, after years working with and alongside famous brand names including Calvin Klein, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Joseph, Julien MacDonald, to name but a few, launched her own glam brand collection of bags and leather accessories in 2011.  Welcome Jane …image

Hi! I’m Jane Goodchild – I’m getting married in 3 weeks to the love of my life. The other ‘loves of my life’ are handbags, boots, sparkly things, laughter, champagne and my gorgeous cat Monty Grayson!

After graduating from Ravensbourne College with a degree in fashion & textiles you were selected to join Calvin Klein in New York City, where I imagine you gained a wealth of knowledge as you experimented with designing ladies wear, CK Shoes and Collection Handbags. Whilst at College did you always veer towards handbag designing or was the love for handbag/accessory designing cemented whilst at Calvin Klein?

I always wanted to design accessories but my degree was in fashion & textiles. When I went to work at Calvin Klein I saw there was an opportunity to work in this area so I applied for a position in CK Shoes started straight away. Within a week I was shipped off to a shoe factory in Brazil and the rest as they say is history!

Returning back later to the UK as a Freelance Accessories Designer for some of the biggest global brands such as Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Joseph, Notting Hill Design, Julien MacDonald & Loewe … as well as for High Street collections labels including French Connection and Next. What made you decide that the time was right in 2011 to put your own name to your own collection of bags and leather accessories?

I had always wanted to have my own label, but I was happy working for other designers and continued to learn my craft. After the holiday to Cuba, I felt so inspired that I knew in my heart it was the right time to follow my dream and create my own brand.

imageAfter being mesmerised by the graphics and culture of Cuba following your trip to Havana, the Star logo and medal chain that features on all your bags was born. What was it about Cuba that really captured your imagination & inspired your first collection?

There was a sense of freedom and contentment amongst the people. They were so friendly and happy that it created a very relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. The colours and revolution graphics were a huge influence on my creative process and formed the foundation for my first collection.

I am absolutely head over heels in love with the stunning metallic orange leather Studded Charm Lamarr bag. To date, what has been your most imagepopular bag ordered from your online site?

I’m glad you love this bag! This bag has been very popular and sold out within weeks this season. The Zulu Loren has been our best seller to date. It’s practical, functional yet still makes a statement in the gold python!

Having stockists in the UK, what bags seem to be more popular in the stores? Have you noticed any differences between fashion tastes in UK & designing for the US market?

I think the UK market is adventurous and likes to be different. They have a very eclectic style and like mixing labels and trends to create a very unique look. The US market is a little more classic and conservative, but like interesting details and good quality.

imageOut of all the handbags that you’ve designed, what is or has been your favourite?

My favourite bag I’ve designed is the Mansfield Tote. It’s a huge bag which I love as I carry everything around with me. I love the black hair calf we have detailed this season, so tactile!

If you had the chance to design a handbag for any famous lady in the world (living or dead) who would you like to see flaunting your handbag?

I think it would have to be a Hollywood Film star. All our bags are named after old Hollywood film stars so it would have to be either Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.

What colours are going to dominate your collection this season, and looking ahead to SS15, what do you hope or foresee as being the trendy colours or styles?

For AW’14 we have a lot of black, gold and ruby red. For next season we are looking at vintage blue, a metallic grey/silver, hot pink and tan.
A varied, but very vibrant pallet.

imageWe’ve already established that Cuba was a source of inspiration, are there any other locations that have also given you inspiration? Are there any cities/locations/countries you wouldn’t mind visiting for inspiration for future ranges?

I would love to spend more time in the Far East and Asia. Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo are all on my list. I also love South America so would love to explore more the culture and traditions of this part of the world.

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I can always be found in skinny jeans, tunic top/shirt and boots or Haviannas. I always have a statement piece of jewellery on too to jazz up any outfit, either a bold necklace or ring – I do love costume jewellery and hope to design my own collection one day.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

I love COS and Zara for high street shopping. My go to online sites would be Net-a -Porter or The Outnet for a designer bargain!

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

On my wish list this season is a pair of Marni boots and a new winter coat from Malene Birger. I love her collections, always so many great shapes and fabrics.

Boots or Shoes? 

Boots Always. I love them! They are so versatile and just go with every outfit. I have loads of pairs, my favorite being a pair of Pierre hardy knee high leather boots with an amazing cantilever heel.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/Facebook etc. so that readers can find out more about Jane Goodchild Handbags.
Facebook: Jane Goodchild Handbags
Twitter: JaneGoodchildBags@Jane_Goodchild
Instagram: Janegoodchildhandbags

Thank you Jane, your bags are an absolute delight and I love the fact that you’re a “boot” girl too! I hope your wedding goes splendidly and I wish you a long and happy married life :)  So readers,  what glam bag took your fancy? Do tell….

Linda x

Photo Credits:  Photos have been published with kind permission from Jane Goodchild

An Interview With La Esmeralda

September 12th, 2014

Mainland Europe is the destination of the blog this week to chat in the hauntingly beautiful area of North Germany to the equally hauntingly beautiful alternative gothic model, La Esmeralda.  This gorgeous dark haired beauty – who loves fairytales, gothic, burlesque, cosplay and animals according to her website profile – not only has a stunning face and figure, but she is a talented photographer and dressmaker too.  A big warm welcome Esmeralda:image

Hello! My name is Esmeralda and I am a 25 year old alternative model from Kiel, Germany.

You started modelling in 2009 and as well as posing you often do your own make up, design and create your own fairytale dresses and take self-portraits, too. Also you have a full time job as a media designer and product photographer. What a busy bee! So, when you were a child, did you hope to be a model or photographer or fashion designer or make up artist …?

No, I never planned to do that. I had always been a very creative person, was interested in crafting and drawing and many other things but actually planned to become a latin teacher. I started taking photos with my friends just for fun and soon I also started modeling in a bit more professional way. Still, I had never expected anything like this to happen because I just did what I liked.

imageWhat inspired you to try your hand at modelling? Why did you choose the fab brand name of La Esmeralda to launch your modelling career?

I can’t really say what inspired me to start. I wanted to take some photos with my horse (I was riding until I was 18), dressed up as a gothic princess and went to the forest to take some photos with a friend. I loved it so much and really soon I started to do more and more shoots. Esmeralda was just the name that I always used for my video game characters and similar stuff. When I wanted to create an account at deviantArt Esmeralda was already chosen by someone else so I put the “La” in front of it… and then I kept this name as I had no better idea. Today I think that it was a pretty good choice as many people always compared me to this character anyway.

You are a beautiful alternative gothic model that has achieved (I think!) the perfect balance between the dark broody gothic/rock chick look with the romantic fairytale princess feminine edge and with a spluttering of respectable yet sultry sexiness . Knowing that you don’t do any nude or fetish photoshoots, have you been on any unusual or strange modelling locations? Have you had any strange/unusual/bizarre modelling experiences?

Hmm no, I don’t think so.

imageTo date, what has been your most favourite photoshoot?

At the end of 2013 I had a wonderful shoot at Wildtierhilfe Fiel, not far from my town. They take care of wild animals that have got hurt and they were all so lovely and fluffy, I could cuddle them all day. It was just amazing. I will just share our behind the scenes video with you:
By the way, they are always happy about donations, in fact they need that to survive. I am the godmother of Lotta the otter baby from the video, so to speak, and donate some money for her each month :)

Is there any style of photoshoot /modelling / famous photographer that you would like to try that you haven’t yet experienced?

I am sure there are some but at the moment can’t think of anything I really want to do that I haven’t done or planned yet. When I started modeling I was a huge fan of Annie Bertram, Silent View and Viona Art – I was so happy when I had had the chance to work with these talented photograhers. In fact I worked with Annie for several times already and always love meeting her.

imageYou have a passion for make up that started when you were a young girl – what make up items are your favourite essentials? Have you a favourite brand or two?

I am afraid I don’t have any favourites. I just take care to only buy products that are cruelty free and I also buy drugstore products. At the moment I use a lot of make-up from KIKO because I like the quality, the price and that they do not test on animals.

You’re well known for wearing lots of gorgeous corsets and having a gorgeous hourglass figure and a naturally tiny waist, you must be a godsend to corset makers! Do you do any special exercises/workouts to maintain your waistline? What do you feel are the advantages/disadvantages/differences between made-to-measure corsets and cheaper ready made corsets?

No, actually I don’t. I am very lucky that I have this figure and must admit that I am a bit lazy when it comes to doing workouts but eat a lot of chocolate instead. I love dancing and do some different things every now and then. Some years ago I also did bellydancing but at the moment I don’t have the time for that, even though I would like to start again.
The differences between a made-to-measure corset and a cheaper ready made one are GIANT. Made-to-measure corsets are way more comfortable, you can wear them all day long without any pain and you can reduce your waist a lot better. I also started with buying some cheap ones and still have some but these days I would always prefer to spend more money on a made-to-measure and unique corset than buying a cheap one and damage my body.

imageAnother favourite past time of yours is sewing – you have made many of your beautiful dresses that you model in? What was the first item of clothing you’ve ever made? Have you had any sewing failures? What’s your favourite item that you’ve made?

Oh I had so many failures already, I bet everyone has! The first dress I made was one of them: it was from panne velvet and I never wore it because the fabric was so horrible. But it was cheap so I guess that is okay 😀 My second dress however was a medieval dress that I still like a lot. About favourites – I think I have two favourite dresses. A red / black velvet dress that I created for last years WGT and a green/black one that I made for Father Sebastiaan’s vampire ball in Berlin.

imageYou have a personal interest in photography – as reflected in both your job as a media designer and product photographer as well as some of your modelling self portraits. Apart from those fields, what photographs do you enjoy taking for pleasure?

Sadly there is not much time left for taking any other photos as I work most of the time.

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing when not modelling?

Comfortable things that are preferably black, band shirts or geeky stuff, as well as some very elegant goth things with a touch of fantasy. And while I never would wear jeans for photo shoots I do wear them in real life.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

Ebay 😉

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

That is quite a long list. At the moment I am planning to sew three or four new dresses for different upcoming events, I hope I get them done in time.

Boots or Shoes?

Fun fact: I hate shoes, except for sparkling high heels. If I go to a shop because I need new “normal” shoes I get super frustrated and leave after 5 minutes because I don’t like anything.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers can follow you and your career.

Thank you very much Esmeralda for chatting to me this evening –  it’s been a real pleasure and a delight to view those wonderful dresses!  

Linda x


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Hanny Honeymoon; Ashtray Arts Photography; La Esmeralda; Alex Blyg; Annie Bertram

CO-MODEL: Lobo/Wildtierhilfe Fiel

HEADDRESS: Jumeira Creations; Elegant Curiosities

DRESSES: La Esmeralda; Royal Black; Johanna Macht

NECKLACES: Von-Uebel Design; Gothic Elegance

CORSET: Royal Black

An Interview With Carol E Wyer

September 5th, 2014

Bucket lists – have you ever made one?  A list of things you hope to see or do before you reach a certain age or before you die, perhaps?  I haven’t personally but my younger sons had preprinted bucket lists from the National Trust, I think it was, detailing a list of activities to achieve by the age of 11….including rolling down a hill, climb a tree, play pooh sticks, skim stones, etc My sons were chuffed that they had crossed off most of the things on the list.  Perhaps you’ve seen the articles on subjects such as 100 places to see before you die … a wishlist that would be nice to fill out… ; some bucket lists are a lot more challenging, thought provoking, and life changing.  I’ve been chatting to the lovely author Carol E Wyer  this week, whose 7th humorous book, Three Little Birds, was published by Safkhet Publishing on 15th August about this very subject…. a big warm welcome Carol:image

Hello! I’m Carol E. Wyer (no I won’t tell you what the E stands for) AKA Facing 50 although I am facing it from the wrong direction now. I write humorous books aimed at helping people to grow old disgracefully and hopefully make them laugh. Recently I took a crash course in stand up and now tour the UK and France with my comedy talk Smile While You Still Have Teeth – phew! Are you still reading or have I bored you yet?

Your 7th humorous novel, Three Little Birds, published by Safkhet Publishing was launched on the 15th August. Your book is based on two female best friends, one who has struggled after her daughter’s death and her divorce; the other coping with life after a riding accident left her paralysed. On New Year’s Eve, after consuming much wine, they write bucket lists that test their friendship and strengths. For the launch of this book you decided to undertake four of the featured in the book life-affirming challenges plus a bonus challenge – zipwire, belly dancing, bushtucker trial, indoor skydive and zorbing. Where did you get inspiration from to write this novel?

imageInspiration always comes from many sources and indeed takes considerable time to be structured into a novel. There were a few reasons I wrote the book. Firstly, I am one of those irritatingly cheerful people who thinks that no matter how old you are or what life has thrown at you, you can change certain elements by being brave and having a go at different things – whether that be changing your job, taking up a hobby or, as in the case of this book, writing a ‘carpe diem’ list. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I suffered from spinal problems that meant I spent far too much time in hospital and later after an invasive procedure, had a period of time when I was paralysed myself. Fortunately it was a temporary paralysis but it made me appreciate my life more thereafter. I wrote a list out in my forties and tried to complete all the physically challenging things on it as I have osteoarthritis, and at some point I’ll be struggling again, so best to get these things in while you can. Inspiration for some of the characters came from real people, including a lady called Priscilla who writes a blog called The Wheelchair Mommy who impressed me hugely with her vivacity and positive attitude in spite of her disability. Like Mercedes in the book she is a paraplegic. Charlie Blunkett, a hospital radio presenter for Coastway Radio became the inspiration for Charlie the radio presenter although she is only the inspiration and nothing like Charlie in the book and even Bert the mischievous parrot is an online friend! It is also intended to motivate others into having a go at challenges, after all, you have no idea where they make take you. There’s a list of 100 possibilities at the end of the book.

I hear you are a bit of a daredevil, having already learnt to fly a helicopter; driven a quad bike up a mountainside; swum with dolphins; took kickboxing classes; experienced working abroad; took a crash course in comedy…. so, with the extra “launch” challenges… which challenges have you enjoyed the most?

Haha! Not really a daredevil. These are quite tame compared to some of the possibilities available. I enjoyed them all although I kept getting the quad bike stuck on raised mounds. The biggest thrill was flying. There is not really much to compare to the adrenaline rush you get when you take off for the first time flying solo in a Robinson 22.

Your career started in teaching English in an American language school in Casablanca, Morocco before moving back to the UK to teach English as a foreign language in a private school. I guess both experiences have given you a lot of inspiration when writing. What are your fondest memories of teaching?image

I loved teaching. I taught all ages from small children to grown adults. The best memory though was at the American Language School where I taught three classes of children aged 8-14. At the end of the year all the teachers and classes had to sing a popular song. I am the world’s worst at singing but hey ho! It was my job so I chose something fun. My classes sang the Frog Chorus – We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney. They spent the afternoon making frog masks and sang it perfectly. At the end they all cheered like mad and applauded me until I felt like some sort of superstar. The ambience was terrific. All the proud parents kept thanking me and the students kept hugging me. It was very special.

You have written a series of educational yet amusing books for children, and since 2010 you turned your attention to the adult market. What made you realise that you wanted to write books? What impact did teaching make to your new career path?

I have been writing short stories since those days when I was stuck on hospital wards. I started writing then about the funny side of being on a ward. I sent all the stories to my friends and family who thought they were hilarious. Eventually, I got better, finished my degree and moved abroad. Morocco was the perfect place for inspiration. I would drive home on my velosolex motorbike, avoiding donkeys and come up with stories for children, then write them when I got home. They had titles like Humphrey the Camel and the Dustbin Cats. Teaching languages clearly influenced my writing because I then moved into stories, still with amusing animal themes, that taught French to young children aged 3 upwards and even had a series of songs produced to accompany them. They got used in schools with much success. It was when I was facing 50 myself that I decided there wasn’t enough humorous material for women my age. Chick Lit was for younger women, historical romances weren’t my cup of tea and I wanted to read books that had heroines and real characters in them that had lived life. My books aren’t so much ‘they all live happy ever after’ as ‘they started off happy ever after…now what?’ I decided that I would take my brand of observational humour and weave it into books and novels aimed at women (and men) over 40.

imageLast year you did a crash course in stand-up comedy and performed your comedy talk Smile While You Still Have Teeth to audiences in Lichfield and in October you will be on main stage at the Isle of Wight Literary festival along with celebrities Alan Titchmarsh, Katie Price, Sheila Hancock and novelist Katie Fford. Did you take to performing on stage like a duck to water or do you experience nerves before stepping into the spotlight?

I am such a media whore it is untrue! I can’t get enough of standing up in front of people and making them laugh. It’s a drug. I think teaching helped though. After all, once you’ve faced a class of six foot recalcitrant teenagers and attempted to teach them grammar, anything is easy. It helps too that I can’t see very well and my hearing is failing. I have no idea who is in the front row or if they have nodded off, or indeed, if they are heckling me.

You are currently writing a series of novels and articles aimed at the ‘older’ man and woman. Can you tell us a bit more about the topics you’ll be covering?

I often write about relationships, friendships, ageing process, dealing with retirement, coping with teenagers, grandchildren, enjoying life while you can and generally laughing at the banality of it all. Does it matter if we are getting on? No! What matters is that we make the most of what we have.

What sort of book genre do you like reading? Favourite books or authors?

I read anything and everything but I mostly enjoy thrillers, especially dark psychological thrillers with twists or something amusing like Terry Pratchett or Ben Elton. I am not keen on lengthy novels about Victorian women or war stories. I did English and French Literature at university so now and then I get an urge to go and read Camus or Proust or Chaucer. I really must get that under control.

As much as you like to attempt different challenges, is there any “challenge” or “experience” that would really freak you out or would be a definite no no?

I’d have to draw the line under those challenges that would be too demanding in a physical sense. I would not, for instance, leap out of a plane and parachute down in case I landed incorrectly. I wouldn’t want to spend another five years in hospital getting my spine stuck together again. Wingwalking would be on my list of ‘no ways’ along with anything to do with spiders.

Hospital Radio features in Three Little Birds as well as featuring in a chunk of your life when you were younger and spent 11 weeks flat on your back after undergoing spinal surgery. What songs did you request or enjoy listening to or was it the friendly banter that gave you some respite from being in pain as well as being bored? How important was it to you that in your novel you included the work of the hospital radio?

I remembering requesting Magic Fly by Space, Ma Baker by Boney M and 2-4-6-8 Motorway by Tom Robinson’s Band among others. My msic taste is as eclectic as my reading tastes. The music was important as it is with all teenagers but in truth, it was the presenters who made it all the more interesting and I listened to them all day every day. wanted people to be aware of the importance of hospital radio stations to those stuck in bed and I hope the book succeeds in doing that. I have been lucky to have been on many radio shows and lots of the BBC presenters started life in hospital radio and remember it with a deep fondness. It has given many an apprenticeship in radio and more importantly the radio stations connect those who are unwell and in hospital with life outside and keep them entertained.

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

Always something bright. I don’t do subtle. You’ll invariably find me in red, orange or bright blue trousers or with a bright scarf and very bright earrings. My shoes must match my outfit so today I have orange trousers and orange and red strap sandals. I wear a lot of trousers and jackets or jumpers. My favourite makes are Marc Cain and Paul Smith and I have a few pieces by both.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

I don’t do online shopping for clothes but I go to my favourite shop in Solihull called Katherine Draisey that specialises in individual outfits. A couple of Times a year I head off to Germany to Hamburg or Munich and buy Brax trousers and fashionable blouses or jumpers. They always have styles, colours and sizes that fit me.

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

I desperately want a pair of Christian Louboutin boots. Ever since I saw Celia Sawyer on the show Four Rooms, I have wanted a pair. They are so me!

Boots or Shoes? 

Boots. Every time. I have twice as many boots as shoes. I can’t explain why but I feel much more comfortable in boots during autumn and winter than in sandals in summer. It’s probably because I have such big feet and I feel they look smaller in boots.

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers of the blog can learn more about you and your novels.


Thank you Carol, I’ve really enjoyed chatting to you and I wish your novel every success!  Umm, I wonder, what would be on your Bucket List? …

Linda x

Photo credits: All photos have been published with kind permission from Carol E Wyer. 

Seven Spots – Return Of The Burgundy

August 29th, 2014

imageFor this week’s “seven spots” feature I’m worshipping the return of the gorgeous colour that is burgundy.  Like the fine wine itself, burgundy the colour is enjoying a bit of a renaissance this Autumn.  The colour can be teamed with colours such as black, silver grey, pale pink, white, denim blue and for a real taste of the 1970s/1980s, ochre yellow and forest green.  When it comes to boots, burgundy makes a welcome change from black or tan of the last couple of years.  Beauty wise, the darker red lipstick and black eyeliner take to the stage; and rich burgundy hair colour … ah, yes, a welcome return indeed!  To whet your appetite, here are my seven favourite burgundy spots this week:

Clarks Artisan Ciera Pier Pumps.  These fab shoes feature a perforated leather trim along the edges and as well as being ever so trendy they are ever so comfortable – they have an ortholite sheet footbed.  Ideal work shoes. image Lulu Guinness Pollyanna Burgundy Medium Tote Bag.  You’ve got your work shoes, now here’s the must have bag.  Just perfect for whatever your doing, day or night.image French Connection Red Encrusted Lace Dress.  I hate to mention it, but before long the party season will be upon us… and this dress is worth looking at. It is in stretch cotton with an encrusted lace central panel, cap sleeves and a scallop edged neckline.image Forever 21 Zippered Woven Shorts.  Being young and trendy means that you can get away with wearing shorts all year round… this Autumn dress these up with some black fishnets or fashion opaque tights and some Doc Martens.image Torn By Ronny Kobo Midi Skirt.  I’m not always a fan of skirts, but I do love this one with its sculptural pleats, bold ruching, asymmetrical hem and covered elastic waist.  A versatile skirt for day or night, worn with boots or shoes.image Nasty Gal Red Bud Stud Skirt.  Another skirt that I adore this year! It is knee length with a tapered silhouette, front slit, a burgundy floral crochet overlay with a hot pink layer underneath, to form a partial lining.  Certainly a head turner!image Office Red Gaze Two Part Court.  Another ideal work shoe or smart shoe .. a lovely fresh look with a sensible height heel (never thought I’d say that!)  and for an evening out you could dance all night in these without complaining! image There you go, are you ready for the burgundy invasion?

Linda x

Photo Credits:  Header Photo & MUA Emma Brooks, model: Sian Berry;  Other photos: Lyst.

Seven Spots – Polka Dots

August 22nd, 2014

imageI adore polka dots!  Polka dots are fun and flirty – from the 1950s style vintage dresses through to the sexy tights like the Pamela Mann tights featured in my header photo (part of a dotty collection available from hosiery store Essex’ee Legs). Here are 6 more spots featuring polka dots that I spotted recently:



1. Herschel Supply Co Khaki Polka Dot Settlement Backpack.  An ideal back-to-college bag or for that late Summer festival. Either way, this cute backpack has a nylon laptop sleeve and media pocket with a pass through port for headphones.image 2. A.L.C. Green Deirdre Polka Dot Sweater.  This jumper would certainly brighten up even the dullest winter day, with its apt colour description being black/highlighter!  It is also pretty warm, being made from 100% wool with the lining made up of 43% alpaca, 43% polyester and 14% water soluable.  Just add jeans!image 3. Michael Kors Ankle Strap Platform Sandals.  A cute combo of canvas, leather and cork with a black/white polka dot and that late 70s/early 80s fab feature, the thin ankle strap. Divine.image 4. Scout & Catalogue Tonala Media clutch. A gorgeous bag in natural nude leather with an unusual varied polka dot pattern and a velvety nubuck interior.  Goes with practically everything!image 5. Free People Black “LInda” Love Lace Up.  Oh how I wish I could say this shoe was named after me!!! I do love it and honoured that a pretty shoe is my namesake.  Really pretty statement flats in a printed pony with exposed sides and with a super duper cushioned leather footbed.image 6. Emanuel Ungaro Black Asymmetric Polka Dot Jacket.  Ideal for the cooler Autumn evenings, this black/white lightweight jacket is truly scrumptious from its buckle fastening belt waist to its padded shoulders.image Go on, go dotty for polka dots….

Linda x

Photo Credits: Essex’ee Legs; Lyst


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