Showstoppers – An Interview with Natacha Marro

photoThis week’s guest is the gorgeous, charismatic and talented shoe designer Natacha Marro…

Welcome Natacha, please introduce yourself:

My name is Natacha Marro.

I’m from Nice/France and moved to the UK in 1991, then started at Cordwainers College/London in 1992.
Have you always wanted to design footwear?
No, I started with Interior design, then fashion design and finally I found Cordwainers College in London, so then I changed to making shoes.
What do you like best about being a shoe designer? 
Shoe design is my ultimate passion, so I like every aspect about it!
What was the inspiration behind your “heel – less” creations?
To create the perfect silhouette.
What has been the most unusual shoe you’ve designed?
Where do I start!! Probably the most unusual one was to make a pair for a funeral – for the person that was to be buried! 
Personally, I LOVE all your boots – but what’s your favourite out of all the shoes you’ve designed?
My favourite would be the “Ice Cream Shoe”
Who would you like to see parading around in your designs that haven’t done so as yet?
I’m quite lucky with lots of gorgeous women wearing my shoes – but I wish it would be more men!
Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?
For everyday I have my Ankle Boots Wedges, either in Glitter or Red patent! – my favourite colours are pale Blue, Red and Gold and I am crazy about Snakeskin – my turquoise Snakeskin Wedges are another favourite at the moment!IMG_2534
The thing I don’t wear is plain Black – only Black & White polkadots!
Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?
Topshop and Vintage shops in general.
What’s next on your clothes/shoes wish list?
The metallic leggings by Margiela! And stretchy leather boots!
Boots or Shoes?
Definitely boots! Open boots for the summer, long and closed ones for the winter! Never sandals!!
I like that the boots are holding me and are accentuating my small ankle – I don’t like to show the skin on the feet!
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Thanks Natacha!  I love your views on boots …me to a T as well !! 


Linda x

Photos published with kind permission from Natacha Marro

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