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The Golden Lady Company is a hosiery company that was founded in 1967 in Castiglione Della Stiviere, Italy. The company boasts 12 production sites  located in Italy, USA and Serbia with an overall production of 400 million tights per year, distributed in 70 countries worldwide. The Golden Lady Company is, not surprisingly, the market leader in Italian hosiery with a share of 35% (according to their website) and a key player in all the major European markets including France, Germany, Spain, and England, through its subsidiaries and sales agencies.  That’s an awful lot of tights!

It’s not just tights that they specialise in – although their classic styles are well made and pretty ladder resistant – they also do a range of knee highs, socks and footlets.  Their range of opaque tights is amazing – you can choose from various deniers ranging from 60 to 200 – and last winter, there was “warmy” tights which were a thicker denier and polar fleeced tights which had a thin fleece lining inside.  I bought some of the latter for my husband’s gran for the winter months – she was delighted because they certainly kept her snug and warm, without looking bulky!  Fashion tights have ranged in the past from polka dots, sparkly silver & gold, ribbed, to lacy – ideal to wear under ripped jeans. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new season range will bring.

In the UK, you can buy the range from Asda supermarkets and  online from Golden Lady UK website. Golden Lady’s American brands are No-Nonsense and Hue – available from Wal-Mart stores. I have also discovered Golden Lady products online on Tights UK website and on Amazon.

Golden Lady UK was established in 1989 with its Head Office and Distribution Centre based in Nottingham.  Golden Lady UK are currently celebrating the launch of their new online service and are offering a free pair of socks with your first order. 

I have worn Golden Lady tights – opaques in winter – for a number of years and have found them long lasting, good range of shades, well fitting and the cost is reasonable too.  I’ve got my free socks… are you going to give them a try?



Rest of the World:

Linda x

All photographs are by Linda Hobden.  

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25 thoughts on “Spotlight on Golden Lady”

  1. I don’t like to wear anything that hints of pantyhose but you got me when you described the fleece lined tights. They sound so warm and cozy, I want a pair! I will check these out, Linda.

    1. I don’t think they’d ever go out of fashion as such – but it is strange how our tastes have changed as opaques are very popular and also natural/nude/skintone shades at the moment and yet a decade or two ago, 15 denier black or barely black tights were the trend and “skintone” was just American Tan shade. 🙂

  2. Tights are not my most favourite thing in the world, I must admit. I wonder if they make completely indestructible tights for people like me who ruin them the first time of wearing?!!

    1. I am notorious for laddering tights or poking a hole in the toes part on my first wear BUT hand on heart, I have found that these are virtually ladder proof ( 15 denier skintone tights) and the opaques are virtually indestructible! I need to wear tights for work and these tights seem to last for ages.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I absolutely hate tights – being a mere 5′ tall I always end up with the Nora Batty look! You may have convinced me to give them another go!

  4. Ooh I love tights. Opaque black winter tights. Short dresses and skirts, or shorts with black opaque tights is my style. My style really only works in winter – I’m lost in summer!

    1. Me too… short dresses with opaque tights & boots; knitted dresses with opaque tights with boots …with pencil skirts… I agree though that in summer the look isn’t that great. I have to wear tights for work, so in summer I wear skintone tights. 🙂

    1. The fleece tights are fabulous – I am hoping they’ll introduce them again into their winter range. Although fleece is often bulky, the tights, when worn, look like ordinary opaque tights – you wouldn’t guess they have a full fleece lining.

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