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This week I have been tagged by the gorgeous Jess of Shopgirl Anonymous to take part in a blogging travel tag.  I was delighted to take part, as apart from being a fashion/footwear geek, bookworm, foodie and music fan, I am also a bit of a travel/geography geek  – so this seemed a good a time as any to give this tag a whirl!

What is your favourite place that you have visited?

Start with the hardest questions, why don’t you?!  That is so, so difficult because I do enjoy every place that I have been lucky enough to visit!  OK.. here goes…

  • My favourite UK city outside of London is Bath.  On the day I visited, it rained but it still didn’t dampen the atmosphere of the place. I did try the famous Roman Baths water … ugh! (I needed a glass of Pinot Grigio to take the taste away). I also visited a glass blowing studio – it was fascinating to watch how glass was made.
  • My favourite part of London:  Covent Garden.  Love the market area, the food places, the pubs, the shops… check out Penhaligon’s Perfume Shop 🙂

  • My favourite European city:  Toss up between Amsterdam and Rome.  Both walkable cities, filled with gorgeous buildings – Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Rome’s Tivoli Fountain area.  Food wise I recommend an Indonesian restaurant for a tapas style meal  in Amsterdam (and chips with mayo) and in Rome, well, food is good wherever you go! I love Italian wine too – red Barolo and white, Pinot Grigio… and for an aperitif, Limoncello.
  • My favourite city outside Europe: Miami.  I liked the vibe. And the tattoo shops (Miami Ink).
  • Favourite Non Europe destination:  Florida Keys.  I tasted the most fabulous Key Lime pie in Key Largo and I enjoyed the tour of Hemingway’s home in Key West. I went in August – it was extremely hot.

  • Favourite Europe  destination:  Madeira.  Loved everything about this island from the rum punch to the mountainous scenery.  Unfortunately we were unable to do the street sledding down the Monte in Funchal as forest fires were raging – but it is a perfect excuse to revisit!
  • Favourite winter destination:  Finland. Yes, it is extremely cold in winter.  However, I went in December to the extreme north west of Finland, over 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It was beautiful. You travelled about by skidoo or sleighs pulled by reindeers or husky dogs; the Northern Lights was a fantastic spectacle,  hot chocolate laced with spirit (like brandy) was both warming & welcoming, and if you have children, Father Christmas lives not far away …

If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Sicily.  I’d trek up Mount Etna, admire the view and then head back down the slopes to Taormina for a well deserved limoncello.


Would you rather a city or beach holiday?

I am happiest where there are mountains or volcanoes or sand dunes or hills –  so that is my first criteria usually when booking a destination.  I live in a flat coastal estuary area so being in an upland area makes a pleasant change.  My favourite beach  currently is the Kenyan coast north of Mombasa at Nyali.

My Top 3 Travel Essentials

  • iPhone  – for use as a camera & music station (especially on the flight)
  • Kindle – I make sure I have downloaded plenty of books as I try and read a lot on holiday!
  • Mints/Sweets – I can’t do any journey without them – including my commute into work!

What Is The Most Adventurous Dish You Have Ever Tried From Another Country?

I’ve eaten snails and frog’s legs in France; and Dik Dik Antelope  and Crocodile Steaks in Kenya.  My friend and her family went to Vietnam & Cambodia over Christmas and they ate deep fried tarantula spiders! Even her girls who are 8 & 10!  Having said that, my 10 year old son has happily devoured crunchy crickets and mealworms!

My 4 Essential Travel Footwear.

They are all flat so easy to pack and I DO need 4 pairs:

  • Jewelled thongs
  • denim ballerinas
  • sparkly espadrilles
  • slip on shoes

Thank you Jess for the fun idea! I hope, dear readers, that you enjoyed the tag too. Why not have a go at answering the questions – I’d love to hear about your travel stories and adventures!

Linda x

Photo credits: Linda Hobden

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31 thoughts on “Travel Tag”

  1. That was a fun way to get to know you. I’ve never been to Europe yet, so you gave me some ideas. I love Key West (well, all of the Keys.) My go-to vacation usually includes a beach somewhere. I love being near the ocean.

    1. Being in the UK, Europe is so accessible. The beaches south of Bordeaux in France are lovely with sand dunes (also in Northern France, around Le Touquet).

  2. Covent Garden is one of my favourites spots in London!! In addition to the shops (Sass and Belle is still my favourite), I love the ROH- so gorgeous 😍 One day I will see the Royal Ballet!! They always seem to be on tour when I’m there 😑 Those sparkly shoes are awesome- my favourite shoes are my navy glitter Kate Spade Keds!!

    1. I was born and brought up in Stratford, London so I do have a deep rooted love for my city although I have moved out of the area. I absolutely love the buzz of Covent Garden! Glad you like my sparkly espadrilles – they are rather bright! 🙂

  3. Great post! Love your answers and giving me lots of wanderlust!! Love hearing about others travel adventures.

    1. I love to hear about, read about and look at people’s travelling adventures too! I keep adding new places on my bucket list 🙂

  4. I’ve been to London and I loved Covent Garden. I want to go to Amsterdam as I’ve read so many lovely things about it. I’ve been to Florida several times but never to Key West. I must go. What a great idea to have you interviewed on your blog, Linda. I loved it!

    1. There are so many beautiful places in the world that it really is so difficult to pick favourites 🙂 I adore Amsterdam – you need to watch out for cyclists though as the cycle lanes are often on the pavements and not in the road! It is so easy to wander around and soak up the beautiful buildings and get run over by a passing cyclist. And, the chocolate shops are a delight… as are the canals… even the red light district has its charms! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Noelle! Yes, deep fried tarantulas don’t appeal to me either … nor the ants that were in a salad once in Kenya (I didn’t realise at the time they were meant to be there!)

    1. Glad you like the shoe choices Debbie – it is difficult to keep to a minimum of 4 as I do like my flats in a myriad of colours however, I do find that when I get to my destination, I only in fact stick to 1 or 2 pairs! (Shhh… don’t tell my husband that!) I do hope you have a go Debbie with the travel tag – I was going to tag you in the post encouraging you to take part! Can’t wait to read your post, if you do go ahead. 🙂

  5. How wonderfully was this post. Jewelled thongs sounds exotic.. i might have to ebay that! Please try Brick Lane in London on a Saturday for their street markets, if you haven’t already! It is a lovely gem, street food, street art, many cultures and mix and blend of people. Music, BBQ fires. I cannot wait to go on holiday now! I love Europe!

    1. I was born and brought up in Stratford so I have been to Brick Lane many times! I agree that Brick Lane has a fabulous vibe. Also I used to love the markets of Roman Road, Hackney’s Mare Street and Walthamstow High Street – although the latter doesn’t feel the same as it did in the 1980s! London is so full of hidden gems! 🙂 By the way, jewelled thongs are just fancy flip flops – I bought mine (shown in the photo) from The Original Factory Shop for £6 – check out your local store. 🙂

    1. October is a nice time of year to visit Spain & Italy – my in laws went to Murcia in Spain in October the other year and it was in the high 20s! Lovely weather! 🙂 I went to Rhodes in Greece in October – weather was glorious! 🙂 Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  6. I really like Bath too. Though I think Cambridge is probably my favourite UK place, just (I have a lot of favourites really). Been to Florence, but not Rome. I love Paris, Barcelona & Prague for European cities. Would love to go somewhere Northern & see the Northern Lights.

    1. I like Cambridge too. My daughter used to work in a hotel in the centre of Cambridge and it was so nice to visit her and explore the riverside pubs, market, riverside walks, shops. We didn’t go on a punt as the day we visited as it was the height of summer, very warm and packed with tourists vying to nab the punts! 🙂

  7. What a fun post! I Googled the Roman Baths water thing…heh you’re braver than I! But apparently your 10 yr old is braver than us both – mealworms?! Oooh no…no no no. haha

    1. Oh Amber, the water at the Roman Baths was certainly an acquired taste! It was interesting walking around the ancient baths though! And yes, mealworms and crunchy critters are not for me either! 😜

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