Vintage Goth Vamp

It’s that time of year again…Halloween….when things go bump in the night,pumpkins light the way,kids fill their pockets with treats, shopkeepers hide the eggs and flour from the shelves…and out of the shadows emerges the seductive gothic vamp….

There’s something uniquely sexy about the vintage goth vamp/temptress…. gothic literature written in the 18th and 19th centuries talk of hauntingly beautiful ladies, whose white ghostly skins contrasted spectacularly with the colours of their dresses…in black,purple,forest green and deep red. Their hair tumbled down onto their shoulders, dark or blonde makes no difference, but they all had pearly white teeth and voluptuous ruby red lips. Although in the novels, such as Bram Stoker’s 1897 bestseller Dracula, only the facial features and the colours were described in detail of the three vampire temptresses …. the style of clothing worn was left to the imagination of designers when vampire films hit the screens in the 20th century.

My 2012 take on the “vintage goth vamp” look : long maxi dresses and skirts that cling provocatively to your figure in luxurious velvet, velour and satin; fur trimmed or fur, faux or otherwise, jackets or coats or gilets that scream indulgence; high heels which elongate your figure and help promote that sexy swagger; and not forgetting that bright red lip pout ..seduction in the highest. This is a look to set not only your Halloween week on fire but the rest of the Party Season too. So, are you ready to release that inner vamp that’s just itching to be set free??? …..

OK, first of all let’s talk hosiery…… stockings and tights in sheer black…or if you’re really daring, go for the Elegant Moments Opaque Criss Cross Camisette – this is a very sexy teddy/camisole with matching thong and stockings.   Or the new range of suspender tights from Pamela Mann , goth cross (as shown) or T cross …both are best sellers this season. These suspender tights would look fabulous with the latest dresses from New Look – the Ax Paris Embellished Bandeau Drop Hem Chiffon Dress, for example has a sheer black chiffon hem which starts from just above the knee and sweeps sexily to the floor. For more of a rock chick feel,go for the Black PU Front Zip Bodice  Dip Hem Maxi Dress. Or feeling a bit more outrageous, show off those suspender tights with the shorter length Tokyo Doll Black and Red Fringed Dip Dye Flapper Dress…. ooh la la !

Other black dresses oozing with seductiveness include Top Shop’s version of the Chiffon Maxi Dress; rock chick style Blue Banana Banned Long Steampunk Dress for maxi combined with corset delightfulness; go designer with Plein Sud Cut Away Dress or Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania Apron Fish Black Dress; or aim for short and lacy with Top Shop’s lace tunic (another candidate for the goth suspender tights);or go for that French vamp feel with La Redoute’s Long Dress by Delphine Manivet…..double ooh la la!!

Then again, vintage goth vamp wear also embraces colour…rich purples,green, deep red and navy.  I was pleasantly shocked when I encountered Marks & Spencers Per Una Cowl Neck Velvet Maxi Dress in Purple… bang up to date and so sexy! Other richly coloured candidates include the short sheath dress that fits like a second skin in dark green from the talented designer Alexander McQueen; add a leopard print with Coast Parker leopard print dress; embrace purple velvet with the Planet Velvet Maxi Dress; try a slinky two piece by checking out Yves Saint Laurent Navy Vintage Gathered Two piece – sheer luxury;  or be totally outrageous and go for the Medieval Dark Green Gothic Vampire Square Neck Velvet Dress,as shown …

If you’ve already got a bodice then invest in a slinky velvet maxi skirt that will totally transform your look – I recommend Tribal Earth’s Purple Long Velvet Skirt  and over at ASOS there is a choice of a sexy velvet skirt with slit to the thigh or a slinky full circular skirt. Don’t dismiss Dark Gold  – check out Traffic People’s  alluring Metford Girl Decorum Pleated Maxi Skirt – you’ll be the belle of the ball…

Top off your outfit with a gorgeous fur gilet like the one from La Boutique Essex (see photo), long stretch velour gloves, dramatic earrings such as ASOS spike drop earrings ……and lipstick of course, in Blood Red ….or try Bourjois 3D Effect Lip Gloss in Parme Terrific (see photo)…a lilac- grey combination that looks fab when wearing dark colours and is a great alternative if red lippy just isn’t you! And if your hair isn’t long and flowing …how about a wig?? The one in the photo is from Amazon.

My favourite “Vamp” shoes spotted this week:

And now let me introduce this week’s guest to the blog, who is rather partial to vintage and red lippy…the gorgeous Emma Brooks, MUA , who did the make up for the photo heading this article and has also contributed in the past to this blog with photos and make up advice in the “An Evening of Burlesque and Boudoir” blog post.
Welcome Emma, please introduce yourself!
Hello, I am Emma, owner of Emma Brooks Make-Up.  I specialise in Freelance bridal Make-Up and live in a lovely little village called Tollesbury in Essex.
What inspired you to become a MUA?
I’ve always loved make-up from a very young age when I would sit with my mum and watch fascinated as my mum would wet her brush and apply cake eyeliner! 🙂 Which my little girl Matilda now does with me! I got into disco, ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of 8, where I would apply my own make-up with mum’s help! I just carried on from there! In the late 80s I was crazy about Madonna and would always paint on red lips and a beauty mole to look like her!!! So, actually my mum inspired me! 🙂
What has been the most popular style and make up colours in recent seasons? Any predictions for 2013 make up wise?
Vintage make-up is everywhere at moment – brides,in particular, are loving that red lip, black flicks and strong brows! It’s definitely all about the brows at this season – beautifully groomed and full arched perfect brows! Well,actually, I have just been informed by Gary Cockerill at his Masterclass today, that Winter and into early next year is all about sexy smoky full on eyes, teamed with a full on sexy red lip! Sounds good to me!
Have you had any strange make up requests ?
The strangest make up request was just a zombie, but that was last halloween so I will let them off!
What’s your most favourite make up item in your collection?
My favourite item that I can’t live without, has to be M.A.C blacktrack fluidline, and with flicks being so in at the moment this is the number one product, every girl should have!
Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?
I do love a bit of vintage myself,and I often look in charity shops to pick up the odd bargain dress! I do like an original that nobody else will have! I don’t have a particular brand that I love to be honest! I would probably say I’m just a cheap ‘n’ cheerful Topshop girl! Shoe wise,you will normally find me in little flat pumps as I’m on my feet alot working, and I’m not great in heels -tend to fall over lots! But it has to be a heel for a night out – I do love a vintage kitten heel with a peep toe! Love a bit of quirkiness! 🙂
What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?
I would love more vintage dresses – I’ll have to keep hunting in those charity shops! A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes would go down a treat,as I have a posh black tie ball coming up for The Essex Wedding Awards, in which I have been shortlisted as a finalist! Very exciting!
Boots or Shoes?
Boots – I do love it when the winter season comes and I can snuggle up warm, in a lovely pair of comfy flat boots. They look good with jeans, skirts and dresses – they can be worn everyday so they get lots of use and are soooo comfortable!
Links you would like to share :
Thanks Emma!
Enjoy discovering your inner vamp and as always there are plenty of ideas on the Facebook group, Boots Shoes et Al …click on the icon and join in!
Happy Halloween!
Linda x
PHOTO CREDITS: Emma Brooks;Essexy Legs;Linda Hobden; La Boutique; Amazon UK; Adam Hobden Photography
Top Photo: Model: Sian Berry; MUA Emma Brooks; Hair: Tina Crossley (Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings);Dress:Annette Carey



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