8 Working From Home Joint Care Tips

Working from home is a common scenario for many people over the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic making alternative working arrangements necessary. In simple terms, this means the armchair and dining table, for many, have become temporary workspaces. Innovative makeshift solutions can take a toll on your posture and physical well-being. Even if you do have a dedicated home workspace/office, my 8 joint care tips will come in handy too!


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Poor posture puts a strain on your neck and back muscles. Try to incorporate a good daily stretch before you settle down to work at your “desk”. If you have cats, you may noticed how they stretch before they settle into a sitting position. Copy your cat!


If you are sat at a desk for long periods at a time, it is important to check the height of your chair. Too low and it will put pressure on your knees and hips; too high, you’ll get a neck and back ache. The ideal stance is to be able to sit on your chair with your legs firmly on the ground and your elbows resting comfortably on the table at a 90 degree angle.

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Ensure that your computer screen is at eye level whilst sitting up with a straight back. This will avoid back pain and stiffness. If you are working on a laptop, you can improvise by propping it up on a stack of books, investing in a remote keyboard to reduce hunching over.


If you are suffering with joint pain/stiffness then taking a joint pain supplement, such as GOPO®  Joint Health  supplements, can help to protect and restore affected joints.

GOPO®  has been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled, clinical trials involving hundreds of patients with difficult-to-treat chronic joint conditions, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis4-8. Efficacy results have been consistently positive and evidence supporting the benefits of GOPO®  has been presented around the world at numerous clinical meetings and many studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals. 

Laboratory studies into GOPO®  have demonstrated that it can switch off certain genes responsible for producing proteins and enzymes that have been implicated in inflammatory joint destruction and switch on genes that help to produce collagen and cartilage7, which are essential components of a healthy joint. This suggests that when taken long term, the galactolipid GOPO®  may protect cartilage cells and help to  rebuild joint tissues7. High levels of the galactolipid GOPO® are found only in GOPO® Joint Health. 

GOPO®  Joint Health is also rich in vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage 

GOPO®  Joint Health is available from  Boots, Amazon, supermarkets and independent chemists nationwide Visit www.gopo.co.uk for further information.  

Ask your local pharmacist/GP for further advice.


Sitting and standing up straight allows your muscles and skeletal system to work together seamlessly, reducing strain on your joints. Try to avoid slouching. Imagine your body has an invisible thread that has to be kept taut, running from your hips through your back, and out at the top of your head. Alternatively you could practice the art of bouncing a book or basket on your head whilst walking – how far can you go before you drop your load?!


Sitting at a desk all day at home isn’t healthy for you but if you simply move your body for 5/10 minutes each hour – take a walk around the block, do some indoor cycling, go up and down the stairs, boogie to some music, do the hoovering or simply get up and make yourself a drink will help to avoid muscle stiffness, relieve tired joints, keeps you mentally healthy & alert, ease eye strain, and avoids headaches and migraine developing. It is so easy to sit at your desk and let the hours slip by – my Apple Watch has a health alarm to remind me to move each hour! An alarm clock or timer can do the same job.

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During lockdown, a lot of people have turned to running, walking and jogging for their daily outdoor exercise of choice, which is great for mental health as well as your physical health! Most important thing to remember is to make sure you have the correct footwear – properly fitted and, in the case of running shoes, cushioned. With running and jogging, remember to start with a thorough and active warm up to get your blood flowing around your body. Schedule your running route to incorporate different surfaces – soft ground as well as concrete/tarmac. Don’t forget to stretch out those leg muscles at the end!

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Exercising at home is a great healthy alternative to the gym. Before you begin any sort of exercise – stretch! This is particularly important if you are unaccustomed to exercise, are unfit or are overweight although check with your GP before attempting any exercises. Stretch after exercising too! If you are new to exercising, try the “walking” exercise programmes on YouTube. They are great fun, and are easy to pick up and the main movement is walking on the spot. There are no harsh movements on your joints, and yet you can get your cardiovascular system working by simply walking virtually on the spot from the comfort of your home!

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I hope you found the tips useful at keeping those stiff joints at bay!

Linda x

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