An Interview With Taschka Shoes

This week I’m talking shoes with the gorgeous Natascha of shoe company Taschka who has created stylish luxury leather flats that capture the spirit of wanderlust … a wonderful fusion of her background in both the fashion and luxury travel sector. A big warm welcome Natascha….image

Hello, I am Natascha, Creative Director of Taschka, based ‘Up North’, lover of all things tea related and obsessive wearer of oversized sunglasses.

As a small girl, did you always want to design footwear?

I had a strong passion for design from a very early age and I come from a family where the two generations before me were firmly established within the clothing industry, so I was surrounded by literature and imagery that inspired and encouraged my interests. Accessories have always had my heart. I just love, however much of a cliche it is, the joy of putting on a brand, spanking pair of new shoes!

What do you like best about being a shoe designer?

I love the versatility that having my own label brings, the freedom to create my vision and the perk of an ever expanding shoe-drobe! 

imageYou have a background in both fashion & luxury travel, hence your shoe collection has been inspired by some of the world’s most iconic destinations.  Which is your favourite destination? Which destination inspired your shoe collection the most?

Italy is one of my favourite places and the Taschka label was actually developed whilst I was living in beautiful Florence, fuelled by copious amounts of Italian coffee and gelato.  Each shoe is named using the airport code of a particular destination, for example, ORY is inspired by the romance of Paris and JAI, after the majestic city of Jaipur. I love the nostalgia of travel from a bygone era and wanted to incorporate this into the brand, the dreamy notion of journeys with vintage luggage and the thrill of arriving to your chosen retreat.

imageWhere in the world would you love to visit next and what inspiration for your shoes would you hope to find there?

I have recently returned from an epic Californian road trip, which started with Coachella festival, followed by a drive along the scenic Route from San Diego to San Francisco – so you can expect some coastal/beach influences for Spring/Summer 15.

imagePersonally, I LOVE all your shoes but I have a soft spot for the ORY in nude/coral/cheetah! Have you got a favourite out of all the shoes you’ve designed?

Thank you! At the moment, you will mostly find me wearing FLO in Navy as I currently have a love of all things blue . But I am also a huge ORY fan, as I love the fun and playful aspect that they add to any outfit.

What shoe style seems to be the most popular this season with your clients?

ORY in nude and JAI in cream and gold are currently proving very popular, due to the sunshine we have been enjoying recently. FLO is our biggest seller, loafers are just so effortless and versatile.

imageYour luxury leather flats are handcrafted by artisans in your Portuguese workshop, and I adore your attention to detail, eg the cushioned leather lining and hand-etched Taschka signature sole. They are extremely stylish, comfortable and practical – were you ever tempted or are you tempted, to introduce heels/wedges to your collection in future?

I am keen to focus on flats for the time being. I am adding velvet slippers, brogues and ankle boots to the collection over the course of the coming year. Fit is of great importance to me when designing, I think a flat shoe should be instantly comfortable. The hand-etched soles feature the Taschka signature, henna inspired pattern, a detail which acknowledges my Indian heritage.

imagePersonal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I am a flats kind of a lady for the majority of the time, of course. You will very rarely find me without a statement scarf, big earrings and a bright lipstick – I have a huge collection of all and feel incomplete without! I love to keep my clothing simple and classic, a pair of cigarette trousers or jeans teamed with a splash of colourful accessories.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites ? (apart from your own!)

I am a big fan of, as I love the new designers they feature and the unique treasures to be found.

What’s next on your shopping wish list?

I will be in New York for a few days very soon, so I have been saving up all of my shopping desires in anticipation. I am hoping to find some treasures in the downtown independent boutiques, which will no doubt include more sunglasses!

Boots or Shoes?

Shoes. Being petite, I tend to avoid boots and go for the shoe option. I like to wear heels too, but always have a pair of Taschka flats in my bag, just in case!

Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook etc so that my readers can learn more about Taschka Shoes – online boutique

Thank you for chatting to us Nataschka – they certainly are beautiful shoes and just proves that flat shoes are just as scrummy as heels too! So which shoe destination will you go for, dear reader?

Linda x

Photo Credits: All photographs are published with kind permission of Taschka Shoes

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