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We do like talking bags on the blog and this week’s guest is no exception!  Inspired by Alexander McQueen & architecture – Magda Daniloaia founded & launched The Changing Factor in March 2016, providing cutting edge handbags and accessories for the sophisticated individual.  Coming into the arena with some fun designs, I am sure that The Changing Factor will be featuring in all our closets before too long.  I caught up with Magda to find out more… Hi Magda…


Hi! My name is Magda Daniloaia. I am the founder and creative director of luxury leather goods brand “The Changing Factor”.

What inspired you to launch your company? What was behind the naming of your company “The Changing Factor”?

I’d always imagined I would have my own company. I decided to go forward with The Changing Factor because, from my point of view,  at the time no one was really innovating in terms of design in the industry. I felt I could bring a fresher, stronger and more relevant perspective on accessories design – one that would really be compatible with the ever more sophisticated, more powerful and more complex modern women from all over the globe. The name  “The Changing Factor” came from our desire to always be changing, always reinventing. We want to not only constantly be changing ourselves, but also everything around us. We also want to support our clients in changing and being the best version of themselves!

Who is The Changing Factor woman?

She is a global citizen. She is always in a quest to improve herself, to reach her full potential. No matter if she is girly or a tomboy, if she is an entrepreneur or works in a corporation – she’ll  certainly be unstoppable.


When designing products to include in your range, do you go for uniqueness, current trends, previous popular styles, your own personal tastes or bits of all of those?

The initial inspiration – the aesthetic concept – will always come from architecture or nature – looking at volumes and shapes, at the different ways things are constructed – but afterwards when developing each product, I will look to create styles for different women, all this whilst maintaining an artistic approach. For example – in the current collection you will find many references to the work of architect Santiago Calatrava, especially when looking at all the angles and the volumes, but I took a more artistic approach when designing the details, almost leaving the elements to discover and define each other – if you look at the way the chain is simply left to fall and it goes through the rivets which are mounted not in a straight line but go up and down forming a rhythm, almost like a metaphor for an untamed spirit, or the musical notes of a song, or a poem. This will always be in The Changing Factor DNA – reserving some space and time for an artistic approach, for the design to take its course – quite the opposite of what is happening in the fashion industry today. At the same time, I have designed the launch collection to be very practical and usable by different women and for different occasions. The two Alien briefcases are very practical and can be used by women who often carry documents or technology, from entrepreneurs to PR executives: the Alien Mini is perfect for an afternoon stroll around town and the Alien Clutch, the ultra versatile bag, can be easily worn either in the day or night and can be carried in three completely different ways.  I have also made the minimalistic Alien Tablet Cover and Alien Laptop Cover that double as clutches and are total life savers… they go with
absolutely any outfit – I think they are amazing!! You can carry your tablet during the day and then carry all your evening essentials for after work cocktails! Day-to-night perfection!

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Your bags are certainly very sophisticated – I do like the look of the Alien clutch. So,you are based in London. Are your bags available to purchase & ship worldwide?

I am based in London but all our products are available on our website and we do ship worldwide! Standard and express delivery are both available.

If you had the chance, who would you pick (dead or alive) to be the “Face” of The Changing Factor and why?

Oh, this is the hardest question of all!! I find so many women inspiring for so many different reasons. I will give you my top three (not necessarily in this order): Rihanna, Emma Watson, Rooney Mara?! Or even better: all of them in the same campaign !  In general, women with strong personalities.

If you could visit any place in the world to get inspiration for your next collection, where would you go and why?

I would do an expedition in the Arctic to see the astonishing ice formations and enjoy the incredible wilderness. It would certainly be awe-inspiring and that is what I want my products to be.

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Looking ahead to Autumn/Winter 2016, are there any plans to expand your range of products at all? What colours feature in your A/W mood board?

As we have just started we will be keeping the same shapes and silhouettes but introduce very different colours! New colours will be revealed soon! Stay tuned!

Have you always wanted to be in the leather bag industry? What do you enjoy most about what you do?

When I was very little I was convinced I would be a business woman. But then I was also very creative, constantly drawing different things, including fashion silhouettes and all sorts of garments and accessories. To combine both my practical and creative sides, I studied architecture which I then renounced to take on Accessories Design at London College of Fashion. Now I have my own company – so the little me was right all along… haha! My father did have a small leather studio when I was very young, making bespoke leather jackets and leather bags, so funnily enough I ended up doing what he was doing – only in a different place, in a different way! I could not feel more fulfilled.What I enjoy the most is helping women create the best version of themselves. My designs help many women feel more bold and powerful and that is definitely my favourite part!

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Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I used to have a very varied wardrobe but now I am moving more towards blocks of colours and strong, daring tailoring. I currently banished all florals from my wardrobe. Sounds extreme, I know… (laughs) … it might be just a phase. In terms of shoes I love wearing lots of trainers/high-sole flat shoes, but I probably feel at my best when I wear pumps.

Do you have any favourite shops or online sites? (Apart from your own!)

I think The Row and Dover Street Market are great! I also love pretty much everything on – I still remember discovering Roos Van de Velde’s ‘Perfect Imperfection’ in a NY restaurant and being in complete awe.

What’s next on your clothes/shoe/bag wish list?

Lots of interesting white shirts – still looking for the perfect shop to buy them – and more high sole flat shoes!

Boots or Shoes?

Definitely shoes! Cannot find many boots I like – I hope to make my own in a few years!!

Links you would like to share e.g. Website/Facebook/Twitter etc so that readers can find out more about The Changing Factor.

Thank you Magda – I find the idea of architecture influencing  your designs very interesting – even the thought of nature’s architecture through its  ice features – stalactites, etc.  Can you imagine bags curved like the Sydney Opera House? the Eiffel Tower?  Which landmark do you think could be replicated as a handbag design?  Do share your thoughts, dear readers, I’d love to know!

Linda x

All photos published with kind permission from The Changing Factor.

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