The Challenge: 100 Day Photo Project

Good ideas come and go on social media and at the start of the New Year I was chatting to fellow bloggers Gloria McBreen (author of “Secrets In The Babby House” and Amelia of “You Can Always Start Now” blog about a challenge they were hoping to do on instagram . The 100 day project entails a 100 days of posts/stories/artwork/photos . It sounded fun. I remember doing something very similar on Twitter, pre covid days, where there was 1 topic per day for 100 days to photograph. So, as I’m not on Instagram, I decided to participate nonetheless and post a photo of my commute/life per day for 100 days on my Twitter account. At the time of publishing this post I have a week to go.

My Oh My, I didn’t fully realise how long 100 days was and how difficult it was to take time to photograph something that was (a) different and (b) interesting. As my day job involves travelling and visiting some lovely picturesque spots in North Essex, along winding roads and gorgeous landscapes I had an abundance of stunning trees and greenery to show off. ( Perhaps I should do a photo challenge of 100 trees next time!) I do so love trees and tree stumps …. especially this one from day 91…

The challenge started in winter, so flower pictures were hard to come by – I have a garden full of poppies just waiting to bloom… will they make their debut before the 100 days is up? I’m pretty chuffed with my dandelion close up though…

I do like photographing landscapes. – mountainous landscapes- but the county of Essex is relatively flat and as I stood and took a picture of the stunning vista as far as the eye can see, unfortunately it didn’t translate into an interesting photo. It was just sky, green and a hazy blue of river or sea in the background. It was great once the rapeseed fields came alive, with their bright yellow cover extending for miles but alas, my hay fever also kicked in so I didn’t hang around too long. Then I came across a beautiful golden wheat field just outside my village that contrasted with the yellow of the rapeseed. This is probably my favourite “countryside pic” … can you spot the hare in the right hand bottom corner?

When it comes to animals, my cats featured in a few daily photos where I didn’t really venture out – day 92 was my favourite as they both sat there , transfixed on each other…

When it came to town/city shots …. I think the photo of the Baird Malt factory in Witham, Essex is my favourite in this category ….day 85. I tried to take this shot a few weeks before but never quite got the right angle …

Water is another feature – I live on the Blackwater salt marshes and the River Blackwater and its estuary are picturesque indeed . And the Abberton Reservoir just outside Colchester – this time of year the reservoir is pretty full and buzzing with ducks and other birds abound. On a cold day, I was working in the town of Maldon and as I wandered over the road bridge the River Chelmer with its boats looked particularly charming … day 7

Buildings – hmm…I photographed churches, derelict barns, pretty cottages but on a particularly warm and sunny day the wooden village lock up looked interesting enough to take the crown that day. This lock up was built around AD 1700. It has an acorn finial which suggests its Dutch influence in its construction. Holland isn’t too far away across the North Sea!

On those lazy Sundays when I really didn’t know what to photograph… I went for boots, of course! ( As well as other ornaments ) . My cowboy boots are from Jeffrey West, who are known more for their stunning mens shoes.

So, what will be in the final photos? I don’t know yet. I’m hoping the poppies that I’ve already mentioned will start to bloom, or maybe the village emu will stop being shy and let me grab a stunning shot of him …who knows?

For pinning later

Why don’t you check out #100dayproject on Twitter and see the artwork, photographs, posts and stories that have been going on the last couple of months . My thanks to @GloriaMcBreen for her support over the past 90+ days ! My photos are also on my Twitter page: – let me know which photos you liked best and why ..

Linda x

All photographs are by © Linda Hobden

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