An Interview With Rewound Clothing

”Sustainable first, quality always” is the aim of this week’s guest, Ellie Jaffa, Owner of Rewound Clothing. Rewound Clothing is a men’s sustainable fashion brand that launched in May 2023 and all products are made from either 100% premium recycled fabric or bespoke 100% natural fibre blends. Sounds pretty impressive to me 😊. Hi Ellie and welcome to the blog….

Hi, I’m Ellie, I’m 32 years old and the owner of Rewound Clothing alongside being a freelance marketing consultant living in South West London.

What inspired you to launch Rewound Clothing, your men’s sustainable fashion brand? 

I launched the brand with my dad who has been in the fashion industry for over 50 years. We started discussing the business during covid, when at the time I was working full time for an ecommerce start up. We felt that we could combine dad’s knowledge of the fashion industry and passion for creating incredible unique fabrics and textures with my knowledge of online marketing and passion for sustainability. Initially we started with the idea of a recycled range. We used dad’s years of experience to create a product that not only has 100% recycled fabric, but also uses recycled labels, linings, and packaging as well as biodegradable buttons.

    Have you always had an interest in fashion  designing or did you have other career plans whilst growing up? 

    I’ve always had a passion for craft and making things, and part of that stemmed from using the fabrics dad bought home for sewing projects. From handmade Barbie dresses to hand sewing individually designed beanbags for my entire school class for Christmas at the age of 10! I took up sewing more seriously after university and began making my own clothes, although these days my time sewing is mostly dedicated to my fancy dress costumes for Halloween! My dream job growing up was to be a kids TV Presenter, Blue Peter in particular, and I even sent off an audition tape once. Unfortunately, my TV career never took off and I found myself in the world of online marketing, specialising in CRM and Customer Retention. I’ve been working in marketing for 10 years now and still consult as a freelancer alongside growing Rewound.m

    I love that your products are transeasonal, timeless and ooze of quality as well as being sustainable! What products/designs are most popular at the moment? 

    Our overshirt, The James, is definitely a customer favourite and best seller at the moment. It’s an incredibly versatile shirt that can be worn smart or casually, and as a jacket or a shirt. Due to the recycled fabric it’s also incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, whilst also looking and feeling premium.

    My favourite shirt of the range is The Lukas, and I actually wear it myself! It’s quite hard to portray the quality and feel of the fabric online but it’s made from a bespoke blend of hemp and lyocell. It’s silky soft and the drape is amazing whilst also having the weight and look of a medium linen.

    Why did you choose to focus on men’s fashion instead of women’s fashion?

    This was primarily due to our area of expertise. With dad’s background in men’s fashion we knew we could produce a really strong product range and do it really well. We used the knowledge to produce timeless and transeasonal products that won’t go out of style and are the basis of a capsule wardrobe.

    When designing items to go into your collections, do you go for popular trendy styles and colours, customer requests, personal favourites or do you take all 3 into account?

    Leading on from the above, as a sustainable brand we are not looking to keep up with fast fashion trends. The style of our shirts are fashionable but are also part of an always on trend, fortunately with 50 years in the industry dad’s seen what styles stick around! We took this same approach with our colour pallet, looking at what is currently on trend and ensuring we tied that in with colours that are always on trend so they wouldn’t go out of style. You’ll notice we’ve generally used a neutral pallet for the range which also enables transeasonality.

    As you are based in the UK, are your items available to purchase overseas?

    At present we primarily sell in the UK, however, we are looking to become more available overseas – watch this space!

    Your brand tagline is “Sustainable first, quality always”  – just how sustainable is Rewound Clothing? 😊

    All of our products are made from either 100% recycled fabric or 100% natural fibres, they are all detailed with biodegradable corozo buttons, recycled garment labels, sustainable linings and threads, as well as being packaged in recycled, recyclable packaging. On top of that we are partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects and plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar for every order.

      We recently partnered with Bearth Solutions to run environmental lifecycle assessments on our products and were really proud of the results. They showed that The James has 19% less carbon emissions, and a 40% lower environmental footprint than the average overshirt! The assessment enabled us to deep dive into the full lifecycle of our products and gain deeper knowledge as to why textiles such as our 100% recycled fabric are so much better for the environment.

      We’re also fortunate that we can work with incredibly small mills which have allowed us to produce a small volume of each product rather than mass production which often leads to waste. However, we are still making progress on our sustainable journey and we’re certainly not perfect, but these lifecycle assessments have highlighted where we can have the biggest impact and improve as we continue to grow!

      Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

      I’m a big dress, boots and tights girl in the winter. I do have a lot of shoes which I tend to plan my outfits around!

      Do you have any favourite shops or online sites?

      Most of the time I shop on Vinted or in charity shops these days! I love a bargain and being able to give clothes some second hand love. I’ve been selling and shopping on ebay for as long as I can remember, I think what used to be called thrifty is now known as sustainable!

      Boots or Shoes?

      I do love both… but I’d have to say boots! They are probably my favourite thing about dressing for Winter! I’ve had some of my favourite boots for going on 15 years, they are a wardrobe staple for me and quite often I plan my outfit around my shoes!

      For pinning later

      Links you would like to share e.g. website/facebook/twitter etc so that readers can find out more about Rewound Clothing.

      It’s been lovely to chat with you, Ellie and I also share your passion for boots! 😊

      Linda x

      All photographs have been published with the kind permission of Ellie Jaffa/Rewound Clothing

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