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I’m so pleased to be part of Joni B Cole’s brilliant “Party Like It’s 2044” Book Tour. According to one review I recently read : “Finding the Funny is Ms Cole’s superpower”; and I agree wholeheartedly. Joni’s collection of essays in this book are really relatable and it was great to have a giggle or two. I am honoured to have not only read her awesome essay collection, to have not only be part of her book tour but to have interviewed the lady herself.😊. But first, here’s a summary of “Party Like It’s 2044” ….


Author Joni B. Cole worries that Vlad the Impaler may be a distant cousin. She feuds with a dead medium. She thinks (or overthinks) about insulting birthday cards, power trips, and the real reasons writers hate Amazon. And she wishes, really wishes, all those well-meaning people would stop talking about Guatemala. At once irreverent and thought provoking, Cole offers a joy ride through this collection of eclectic essays that lands smack on the sweet spot between soul searching and social commentary, between humor and heft. Writes author and national book reviewer Joan Frank, “Here is a voice giving us a welcome break: vibrant, provocative, funny and flavorful…Cole’s deep and generous thinking makes room and fresh air: worth breathing deeply.”

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

ISBN-10: 0826365566

ISBN-13: 978-0826365569

Print length: 240 pages


Hi Joni , please introduce yourself.

I could introduce myself with factual info. I’m an author, a writing teacher, a mom… But I’ve always loved those six-word memoirs, where you’re asked to distill who you are (at least in that moment) to just six-words. So I’ll introduce myself by saying that right now the title of my memoir would be, “Leave all self-doubt at the door.” At this point, I’m really trying to be someone who doesn’t let insecurity or embarrassment discourage her.

Party Like It’s 2044 is your latest essay collection. What made you decide to write the this book?

I love reading personal essays because they offer up real stories about real people. So the genre appeals to me as a reader, but I also like writing personal essays because they let me explore the meaningful moments and relationships in my own life. The process of writing this collection was full of surprises and insights about how I see the world; how my mind works, what I find funny; and aspects of my personality that could definitely use a little work. 

Your book was an utter delight to read and the topics were instantly relatable.  One review I read about your book said: “ reading the book was like you were their best friend, spilling the daily antics that had happened that week” . I know I certainly had a giggle! Especially the essay on Guatemala!  So, you’re in a coffee shop do you tend to people watch / eavesdrop? 

I love hanging out in coffee shops as much for the eavesdropping as the coffee. (And I’m a coffee addict!) For writers, paying attention to how people act and interact is a great source of entertainment, inspiration, and understanding. You mentioned the humor in the book and I think much of that was inspired simply by people-watching. After all, “humor” and “humanity” share the same root word so the more you pay attention to humanity, the more you find the funny, whether it’s funny peculiar or funny ha ha. 

As well as being an author, you have your own Writer’s Center in White River Junction, Vermont where you teach online and in person creative writing to adults;& you also lead a variety of writing workshops.  If a person wanted to attend one of your workshops, what would they generally expect?

Participants in my workshops can expect sincere appreciation for their desire to write and their courage to show up and share their work. They can also expect instruction on narrative craft and supportive, useful feedback. I’m all about helping every aspiring author write more, write better, and be happier. That’s the subhead of one of my books for writers and it isn’t just a catchy phrase. It really is my goal as a teacher and workshop facilitator.

AI is much talked about at the moment in the news.  What is your view about using AI to enhance the written word?

Don’t do it. In creative writing, the only truly unique quality you can bring to your work is your voice, your authenticity. My only experience with AI in my workshops was the time a sci-fi writer admitted after our discussion of his pages that he’d used AI to generate one particular section. No surprise, that was the section the other participants found the flattest. 

 Is Party Like It’s 2044 available to purchase worldwide?

The English version is available wherever books are sold. 

Personal now – what outfits and shoes would you normally be found wearing?

I live in Vermont so I normally hang out in jeans, a super soft sweater or cute flannel, and chunky-heeled shoes. I love shoes! In fact, I have way more shoes than sweaters.

Do you have any favorite shops or online sites?

Ms. Mooz is one of my favorite e-tailers. But I’m open to all, as long as it’s in my price range. 

What’s next on your clothes/shoe wish list?

If you’d asked me this question a couple months ago, I’d have an easy answer. Tall, lace-up boots with 3-inch block heels, preferably in a fun color. But I just bought a pair of boots just like this in navy, so that itch (for now) is scratched. I also recently bought these cool black loafers with chunky heels and big silver buckles. I call them my hip Pilgrim shoes and wear them all the time. I do need a better pair of hiking shoes—the soles on mine are way are too slippy on the trail. I’ve picked out a pair from Scarpa but it’s harder for me to invest that kind of money in practical shoes. Ha.  

Boots or Shoes?

This is an impossible question! 

Links you would like to share e.g. website/Facebook, etc.

FB Joni B. Cole

Insta: joni.b.colewriter


Thanks to Joni B Cole for a preview copy of her book, Party Like It’s 2044.

All photographs have been published with kind permission of Joni B Cole.

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